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Bear attempts to attack a baby elk but mama is having none of it

Do not mess around when momma is nearby.

A visitor at the Intention of the World in the Coconino National Forest in Arizona got up close and personal with Mother Nature recently.

In the excerpt, a large female elk can be speeding near a young assume in a wooded neighborhood just off the road. A young animal can be heard crying, but is not immediately noticeable. The bear starts to attack something under a fallen tree, and that’s when it becomes apparent that the announcements are coming from an elk calf.

But mama is having none of it.

The bear briefly withdraws up a tree, and when it attempts to attack the baby elk again, the mother elk moves in, knocking and blaming the bear.

The charge generates the baby elk sufficient time to get away, and the two run off into the woods.

Paul Ryan just found out about GIFs, still wants to strip healthcare from millions tho

Oh good, fortunate bulletin! Paul Ryan simply found out about GIFs, and he desires them! He calls them “GIFs or GIFFIEs” and thinks they’re pretty darn “awesome.”

In an interrogation with Mike Allen of Axios, Ryan, who comes on at 22 instants and comes GIFFY at 1:03, shared that he just recently learned about GIFs or, at the least, the keyboard consolidation of GIFs and he’s made a liking to using them on unsuspecting recipients: “I transmit GIFs to people who really dont expect it from me.” Power move, Paul.

Realistically, of course, literally anyone is a candidate for not expecting a GIFFY from Paul Ryan. Is it ever standard for one’s rapport with the Speaker of the House to involve GIFs of Stifler establishing a thumbs up? Don’t answer that.

Hunter punches a charging bear in the face

A Canadian hunter is lucky to be alive after being attacked by a black bear.

Richard Wesley was bow hunting near Fire River, Ontario, where reference is find a large black tolerate prowling adjacent. At first, the tolerate seemed unfazed by Wesley’s presence, but when the hunter makes a sound in an attempt to scare off the approaching tolerate, it charges.

Wesley attempts to make as much interference as possible, and even punches the attacking tolerate in the look. The camera falls and the hunter restores time a few seconds later, visibly shook by the near fatality experience.

“I should have photographed a very long time ago, ” Wesley pronounces into the camera time seconds after the attack.

Luckily, the hunter walked away roughly unscathed.

“No weaves except a bruised shoulder and pride where the tolerate threw me down, ” Wesley wrote on YouTube. “Genuinely glad that this was a non lethal or dreadful outcome.”

Clever dude figured out how to swipe right using a fidget spinner

Using your paw to swipe right on the endless selections offered by Tinder can be < em> spending .

Thank goodness, relief is nows … thanks to a twitch spinner? Yes, that’s claim. Person has figured out how to employ one of the now ubiquitous gadgets to do the job for you. It’s pretty simple, truly. You simply levitate the spinner over your screen and make the swiping begin.

It was created by Holden Ellis, a 22 -year old from Virginia, who said he was inspired the working day while accepted on Tinder and “chewing on the spinner.” He decided to see what happened, and it turns out the silicone reacted with his telephone. Voila! The hack was born.

Fidget spinners are all the rage theyve been the subject of innumerable dog videos, a hip-hop psalm, and even nail prowes. So its not surprising that theyre making their path into our dating lives. Still, while it’s ultra efficient, this kind of firehose approaching to locating love is merely so useful. Theres truly good-for-nothing like being swiped by a twitch spinner to make a girl experience special.

Still, these gadgets are supposed to be all about stress relief, so do bear in mind if dating apps have got you down, this same joke can also be used to do a massive swipe left.

Image: reddit

Special K’s latest ad campaign wants women to ‘own’ eating. What?

Forget stripping yourself. Feeing menu is 2017’s hottest brand-new feminist fad.

At least according to Special K, whose recent campaign, “Own it, ” tries so, so difficult to make a bold political statement: that women like to eat.

Maybe it’s exactly me, but I ever thought that women had to eat to survive. Huh.

Either way, it sounds the Special K made their cue from a decade of tampon commercials where women show that they can “do it all.” That “all” includes: jogging, listening to rap music, more jogging, going to work with a tampon in, and devouring diet cereal.

Watch and have a chuckle, all while devouring a sensible snack.

You deserve it, ladies.

Bride celebrates her wedding with an all-male bridal party and the photos are perfect

As one of four women in a class of 60, Brazilian computer engineering student Rebeca Brantes didn’t know how to have the marriage shower she dreamed of because her friends were mostly men.

But since gendering a simple wedding party lore is a bit silly anyways, Brantes decided to invite her cronies along to be bridesmales and the resulting photographs are hilarious and stunning.

I came up with the idea one week before the wedding, ” Brantes told Bored Panda . “I was looking into some realise of pictures of brides with their gang of girls, all in gowns, laughter, boozing champagne and all, and I got a bit rueful because I wouldnt be allowed to do anything like that.

Turns out, she couldand so she did.

Diva daylights #weddingmakingof @muribargas @fernandogranco

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The photoshoot was super enjoyable. Everyone was making fires of inexpensive guzzle and sometimes we were tittering so much better that we had to take some time to recover and go on with the photos, ” Brantes explained.

In the Instagram album she posted, the gang is all floored out with joining pink satin attires experiencing the allay before the wedding commotion with cucumbers over their sees and drinks in hand.

I gives me great pleasure with the photos. Sometimes I look at then and find myself tittering like crazy. But I never imagined this would become so viral, ” she said.

Behind the scenes #themakingof

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Congrats to the joyful duet!

( H/ T Bored Panda )

Katy Perry is ‘spread like a buffet’ during her SNL performance

It’s not quite the hymn of the summer, but Katy Perry’s “Bon Appetit” procreated it’s space to the Saturday Night Live season climax with an interesting conduct that’s hard to forget.

Perry, who began the hymn “spread like a buffet, ” danced on a counter adorned with outcome like an painful aunt at a dinner party. Thankfully, all three members of Migos changed through with their tacky reverberates and catchy steals and participated the singer on the stage to perform the cannibalism anthem.

Only Katy Perry could handwriting Offset a papaya on live television and get away with it, I guess.

Watch ‘Weekend Update’ explains the strange drama between Donald Trump and James Comey

As they have done all season long, Michael Che and Colin Jost made rotates to explain the stupid story week that had the world on the edge of their seats.

Top of mind for “Weekend Update: ” to hilariously break down the he-said-he-said between President Donald Trump and former FBI Director James Comeyall while comparing Trump to Fyre festival organizer Ja Rule.

With this incident, the Saturday Night Live season is officially over but Che and Jost are far from does so with their gig. NBC’s order of at the least four full “Weekend Update” episodes the summer months means we’ve got a lot more gags about the White House returning our way.

A video of bees having sex involves a lot of antennae foreplay

Get ready to feast your eyes on some odd animal mating behavior.

Arthropod macrophotographer Karla Thompson captured this video of two bees doin’ the deed, and candidly, we can’t look away as hard as we try.

In the video, the male bee use his freakishly long antennae to creepily stroke the female bee to situate her~ in the mood ~.

Thompson explained how bees get down and grimy on her Patreon.

“During the session the male would use his legs to gently stroke the females side. During actual piercing, the female would propel her legs up and struggle to eject the male. This is when the male would reach out with his extra long antennae and writhe them around the females antennae rhythmically stroking upward in what seems to be a subduing gesture.

Watch this bee couple get it on if you are able stomach it.

[ H/ T: Gizmodo ]

Watch an emotional Harry Styles perform ‘Landslide’ with Stevie Nicks

Harry Styles, who formerly sacrificed Stevie Nicks a personalized carrot cake at a Fleetwood Mac concert, had “the best night of[ his] life” play-act with her at his small Los Angeles show on Saturday.

Styles first welcomed Nicks as a startle guest on his new song “Two Ghosts.” The two then teamed up for the Fleetwood Mac classic “Landslide” as well as Nicks’ own “Leather and Lace.”

As “Landslide” aimed, a visibly emotional Styles even teared up but, you are familiar with, in a coldnes notoriety way.

We do not know if there was carrot cake.