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A video of bees having sex involves a lot of antennae foreplay

Get ready to feast your eyes on some odd animal mating behavior.

Arthropod macrophotographer Karla Thompson captured this video of two bees doin’ the deed, and candidly, we can’t look away as hard as we try.

In the video, the male bee use his freakishly long antennae to creepily stroke the female bee to situate her~ in the mood ~.

Thompson explained how bees get down and grimy on her Patreon.

“During the session the male would use his legs to gently stroke the females side. During actual piercing, the female would propel her legs up and struggle to eject the male. This is when the male would reach out with his extra long antennae and writhe them around the females antennae rhythmically stroking upward in what seems to be a subduing gesture.

Watch this bee couple get it on if you are able stomach it.

[ H/ T: Gizmodo ]

This trailer about two boys falling in love is giving the internet so many feelings

Get ready to feel a lot of warm and fluffy feelings.

A 25 -second trailer for the animated short-lived film In A Heartbeat has social media users fussing, particularly for its summary but beautiful picture of young love between two boys.

In the trailer , no paroles are expressed. Sees just see a sugary redheaded son try to control his nature( literally) where reference is appreciates his humble another boy.

The super short-lived animation left many social media users with a whole lot of detects. Clearly, because exclusively a heartless person has not been able to fully swoon over this trailer.

In A Heartbeat was created by two animation students Beth David and Esteban Bravo at the Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida for their elderly thesis. The full film, the pair suggest, will follow a closeted son who “runs the risk of being outed by his own nature after it pops out of his dresser to chase down the son of his dreams.”

The film was partly funded via Kickstarterin awareness-raising campaigns that get viral in November 2016. The purpose of the campaign was to fund music and sound engineering for the film. With an initial point of $3,000, the pair fostered over $14,000 by the end of the campaign.

The short-lived film is particularly groundbreaking given the lack of representation of faggot parties in movies, extremely invigorated film. Walt Disney Studios, the gatekeeper of mainstream invigorated films, has almost exclusively received “failing” ratings on GLAAD’s Studio Responsibility Index for the past several years for failing to include LGBTQ reputations in their films. Other animated movies, like the South Park movies and Sausage Party , outline hyper-sexualized and problematic portrayals of LGBTQ life and identity, which isn’t any better.

This means independent authors are tasked with filling the gaps in illustration and the creators of In a Heartbeat are clearly doing just that.

The short-lived film is set to be released online the summer months free of charge. We’ll be anxiously awaiting, together with the rest of the internet.

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Kid answers honestly when he finds out he’s going to be a big brother

Some girls are spouted to learn they’ll soon be the older progeny. Other children are less than pleased.

This little minor is admittedly, undecided to hear his mother is expecting another child.

Katy Perry pranked people with a creepy art exhibit

You’ve probably already been Katy Perry’s unfortunate, new video for “Bon Appetit.” It’s an on the nose ode to cannibalism that left a entire bunch of people with lost appetites and shaped Perry glance desperate for attention.

But that was just the beginning. That concept has now been taken to a new level with a creepy-crawly live artwork exhibit at the Whitney Museum in New York City, and now we are really querying what the fuck is is going on with Katy Perry. The amazed museum-goers didn’t seem to brain, though, with most just happy to see the pa whiz in person albeit as a brain on a plate.

“This is like the 67 th weirdest circumstance I’ve done, ” Perry said in the video by Vanity Fair . We’re glad we didn’t have to witness the other 66 things.

James Corden and Harry Styles have out-of-body singing experiences in ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Harry Styles who has been all over the Late Late Show this past week has finally climbed into James Corden’s Rover for an chapter of Carpool Karaoke .

In the video above, Harry and James take a long drive and sing anthems from Harry’s new book. They then move on to some karaoke classics. The besties are a heavenly duo with harmonies so on target, they’ll bring rips( of humour) to your eyes.

The bromance is evident. We would carry it.

Baby moose and mama moose casually stroll down Alaska highway

What’s cooler than ascertaining a moose in the wild? Considering a child moose and a mummy moose strolling down a highway together.

The person who filmed this adorable video spotted the pair walking alongside a highway in Homer, Alaska. What happened next just has not been able to be avoided.

“My wife and I were driving home and accompanied a child and mummy moose next to the highway and we decided to stop to let them cross the roadway, ” he remarked. “They decided to walk down the aisle we were driving on. About a time of trailing them at a sluggish 3 mph, my spouse who was driving told me that this would be a good opportunity to cinema the mommy and calf. From what I understand, the child and mom safely spanned the road and went to rest next to the nearby Paul Banks elementary school. The institution the next day live-streamed a video of the moose and fixed the field they were in off-limits to students.”

The baby moose must be brand new because he’s still get used to his little country legs.

Group of guys climbing the tallest bridge in England will give you vertigo

We can’t determine if this is heroic or just plain idiotic.

In the video above, a group of hotheads from the Youtube channel Night Scape film themselves scaling the Humber Bridge in Grimsby, England. The guys descend the beam and cables in the vertigo-inducing footage and make it to the top in time to watch the daylight rise.

We don’t recommend that you try this at home. Maintain your two feet on the floor where possible, please.

Harry Styles and James Corden demonstrate times when it’s absolutely not OK to sing

There are times when breaking into song is fun and playful and periods when it’s completely inappropriate.

In the video above, James Corden and Harry Styles show us some of those situations. For pattern, it’s not okay to break into song and dance while in the middle of an operating room or while destroying an explosive.

Save the singing for the stage, gentlemen. Lives are at post!

A very strange, wonderful video will teach you the history of the world

Need a little refresher on your world history? A new 20 -minute YouTube video is sure to be the medication for what ails you.

In the “history of the entire world, i guess, ” video blogger and musician Bill Wurtz explains how we got here using goofy slogans, odd graphics, and good science.

The video starts us off in the nothingness of the pre-Big Bang era, and then suddenly the universe happens. From there, the video is off and running.

It are going through the history of life on Earth, dinosaurs and finally human society until we get to something resembling the world we’re living in today.

This is a rare pearl of an explain discipline video, which you absolutely should take the time to check out.

Dropping a bowling ball on jelly in extreme slow-mo has surprising results

It’s common knowledge that dropping heavy stuff on other, less heavy stuff is totally awesome fun. Just watch the video above if you don’t believe us.

For their latest foray into the world of extreme slow motion, The Slow Mo Guys teamed up with the performance art company Blue Man Group for some bowling-based experiments.

The bowling ball dropped onto the tower of jelly is probably the most surprising, but the finale which involves hurling bowling balls at blue heads filled with weird substances is definitely the most fun to watch.