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Trevor Noah isn’t scared to say the \

What did Trump do yesterday? Honestly, who are in a position retain – it feels like years ago.

In case you’re knowing Trump burnout( and frankly, who isnt ), the Trump-Russia probe got a special attorney on Wednesday, former FBI chief Robert Mueller.

Daily Show host Trevor Noah explores what this new attorney mean for Trump, how Fox News downplays the president’s possible impeachable pique: impedimentum of right, and how James Comey could, ironically, become the person who gets Trump out of office.

Watch Noah talk about the “i” word above.

Trevor Noah says goodbye to Bill O’Reilly with a highlight reel of his most racist moments

Yesterday was a beautiful, beautiful epoch for television.

After advertisers ceased the reveal on the ends of various sexual harassment accusations, 21 st Century Fox announced yesterday that The O’Reilly Factor emcee and longtime foe of all things progressive Bill O’Reilly was let go from the network.

Daily Show emcee Trevor Noah celebrated O’Reilly’s firing in the only appropriate way: by looking back at some the host’s most racist moments.

Watch a highlight reel of O’Reilly’s racial sh* tstorms above.