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Trevor Noah says goodbye to Bill O’Reilly with a highlight reel of his most racist moments

Yesterday was a beautiful, beautiful epoch for television.

After advertisers ceased the reveal on the ends of various sexual harassment accusations, 21 st Century Fox announced yesterday that The O’Reilly Factor emcee and longtime foe of all things progressive Bill O’Reilly was let go from the network.

Daily Show emcee Trevor Noah celebrated O’Reilly’s firing in the only appropriate way: by looking back at some the host’s most racist moments.

Watch a highlight reel of O’Reilly’s racial sh* tstorms above.

Stephen Colbert and ‘Stephen Colbert’ bid farewell to ‘landfill of angry garbage’ Bill O’Reilly

On Wednesday night, two Stephen Colberts said their goodbyes to disgraced republican talking head Bill O’Reilly: the Stephen Colbert who currently hosts the Late Show, and the “Stephen Colbert”( mainly based on O’Reilly) who used to host The Colbert Report .

The goodbyes were pretty different. Here’s a inkling: one Colbert called O’Reilly “Papa Bear” and the other called him a “self-righteous landfill of incensed garbage.”

The latter certainly rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it?