The Guardian view on reacting to terror: be Manchester | Editorial

Editorial: The citys solidarity and courage is a model for a national response that rejects fear and division

There was, in the early hours of Monday evening, joy in Manchester Arena: it was an Ariana Grande pop concert, an artist beloved by children and families. Then there was horror and a long night of blood. In an instant, the young life that coursed through that happy crowd was turned to death. It is no solace to know that we live in an age of terror. No easier to know, now, that on that spring night, among the thousands out in that northern English city, leaving pubs or walking home from a meal, preoccupied with their banal thoughts and quietly reassuring mundanities, there was a person whose thoughts were not banal or mundane at all. The result of a single suicide bombers lethal malice is the loss of 22 lives including that of an eight-year-old girl and dozens injured, some with life-altering wounds.

We must recognise that the aim of such a nauseating attack is to stir fear in our populations, and to change how we think about our lives and ourselves. A pop concert is a rite of passage for many young people, simultaneously signifying a break with the choices of parents whose musical tastes rarely coincide with their childrens, while affirming a cultural affinity shared only by their peers. It is a mark of our times that such a moment in a young persons life could be deemed a battleground, and that such innocence should be violently shredded in the pursuit of an ideological or political aim.

A bomb that strikes at the heart of Manchesters civil life is something felt acutely at the Guardian. This is where the newspaper was founded, as the Manchester Guardian, almost 200 years ago, out of a distinctive Mancunian radical tradition, in the aftermath of the Peterloo massacre in 1819 when 15 people were killed in protests over parliamentary reform. Throughout Manchesters history, its people have campaigned for what they thought was right. It is a city that has never been afraid to challenge received wisdom; its capacity for innovation stretches from what may be the worlds first free public library and the first passenger railways, to the suffragette movement, vegetarianism and graphene. It is a special place, with a historic sense of confidence. It is a testament to the city that an attempt to divide a people only brought them closer together: doors were opened to strangers and meals offered to worried parents. Hotels and cabs provided services for free. As one taxi driver put it: Were glue. We stick together when it counts.

Map of Manchester Arena blast

As a country we must resist the idea that we should give in to our deepest fears. A British-born man is said to be behind this heinous act. Terrorists can kill and maim. But they do not pose an existential threat to our nation, and it would be a mistake to elevate their importance as if they did. That is why the prime minister, Theresa May, was right not to raise the threat level. It is also why we should ignore misguided calls for more extreme measures, a move that would only do terrors work for it.

We must also respond to the changing shape of the threat we face. Warnings from senior officers that frontline cuts are now too deep should be taken seriously. But we need smart policing focused on targeting suspects, not blanket measures. Given the slew of laws recently adopted in the name of national security, which human rights groups say are among the most draconian in the EU, theres little reason to suggest more are needed. When she was home secretary, Mrs May had a worrying authoritarian bent, and her speeches seemed to stress policing peoples thoughts rather than their acts. This is not what is now required. Neither is the Conservative manifestos plan of new criminal offences. A better approach would be to uphold our values and adhere to the rule of law. We could win over the confidence of marginalised communities by cracking down on hate speech and crimes. Incendiary comments deliberately designed to inflame fraught situations should be investigated.

We should incorporate dissent and accommodate diverse voices, because we are a society that is prepared to debate and learn. In these ways we would show our way of life is a strength not a weakness. Terrorists succeed by frightening societies such as ours by changing the fundamental nature of who we are and how we operate as a democracy. Nations driven by paranoia and fear make poor decisions. Those trading in terror cannot change our way of life through their murderous acts. And we should not do it for them by losing sight of the values, such as those found in Manchester, that shape our nation.

Billy Bush Speaks Out About Trump’s ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape: “I Am Ashamed”

Its to be almost 8 months since the controversial videotape was exhausted that publicized Donald Trumps horrific grab them by the pussy quote.

The audio and video recordings obtained by the Washington Postin October 2016 register now-president Donald Trump boasting about trying to have sex with women, claiminghe can grasp themby the pussy because hes a star.

The excerpts were documented while Trump and Billy Bush of are currently in a safarus bus in 2005 on their route to the deep-seated of to film a segment about Trumps upcoming cameoon the show.

The Hollywood Reporter

After the time moved viral, Donald Trump became President of the United States and Billy Bush was suspended from the register. It took a while, but Bush ultimately spoke about the surfaced registers during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Although he is ashamed of his involvement with the videotape, he seems to be facing his mistake in an confident lamp. He mentioned, I am not grateful for the moment, but Im grateful for what Ive gotten out of it. Im grateful that it touched me all the way to my core.

This animal sanctuary which houses rescued animals from extreme neglect or abuse gets many eggs laid by their chickens. These pigs enjoyed a nice little treat as they were fed some eggs.?

This incredible Millennium Falcon piano can be yoursif the price is right

The PlayerPiano YouTube path utterly floored Star Wars followers back in 2015 with an incredible potpourrus of iconic songs from the galaxy far, far gone. In the viralvideo, pianist and composerSonya Belousova swaps outfits and custom-finished pianoes to captivate the different themes of the potpourrus, and now one of those one-of-a-kind organs is for sale on eBay.

That’s right: You can be the glad proprietor of this amazing Millennium Falcon piano.

Screengrab via Ebay

Even better, you don’t seem to have much event. With four daylights left on the auction as of publication time, there are zero entreats, and the starting price isset at a pretty acceptable $7,500. Considering a20-year-old packet of McDonald’s Szechuan dipping sauce lately sold to a Rick and Morty devotee for $14,700, we’re frankly offended that no one is burn. Sure, a full-size piano makes upa lot of apartment gap, but who needs a sofa when you are able to wow your friends by representing a few chords of the “Cantina Song” on your Millennium Falcon piano?

According to the eBay schedule, the piano is in storage in Los Angeles, and you’ll need to procreate your own ship and bringing layouts.( And sorry , no Wookies included .)

You can see the piano in action in the original video below.

H/ T Nerdist

Senate Hits Michael Flynn With Two New Subpoenas

WASHINGTON — Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn‘s assertion of his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination does not apply to his businesses and documents, and he could be subject to a contempt accusation if he doesn’t curve related materials over to the Senate Intelligence Committee, committee rulers said on Tuesday.

Flynn, a onetime lieutenant general who was fired as President Donald Trump‘s national insurance adviser for failing to reveal contacts he had with Russia’s ambassador, refused on Monday to answer subpoenas from the Intelligence Committee, which is investigating Russian ties to the Trump campaign and intervention in the 2016 election.

Committee Chairman Sen. Richard Burr( R-N.C .) and Vice Chairman Sen. Mark Warner( D-Va .) indicates that they referred a letter addressed to Flynn’s lawyers questioning whether their patient had a right to insist the Fifth for documents.

They were also transporting two brand-new subpoenas specific targeting Flynn’s businesses, Flynn Intel LLC, and Flynn Intel Inc ., both based in Virginia.

” It is even more clear that a business does not got a right to take the Fifth. It is a corporation ,” Warner told reporters.

He said that “all options” were on the table to enforce the requests.

Asked what those were, Burr said they included a contempt accusation, but committee lawyers were first considering initial moves to obtain cooperation from Flynn.

” The outcome of that alternative is a contempt accusation ,” Burr pronounced.” That’s not our preference today. We would like to hear from Gen. Flynn. We’d like to see his documents. We’d like him to tell his fib because he publicly pronounced,’ I’ve got a fib to tell .’ We’re allowing him that opening .”

Flynn’s firing stanch from debates he had with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in late December about U.S. sanctions against Russia. Flynn at first revoked those talks had happened, Vice President Mike Pence, but was forced to resign in February after records of his entitles surfaced.

More severely, Flynn failed to disclose contracts he got from foreign authorities. As a recent military official, he was are prohibited from receiving payments from foreign states unless he got permission from the Pentagon.

While Flynn admitted a number of contracts, including with Russian and Turkish entities, there is no indication he ever sought permission for them, in agreement with the Department of Defense. Flynn also allegedly did not disclose contracts as required to the federal government when he was vetted to be Trump’s top national insurance aide.

Intelligence officials counselled last fall that Russia was taking exceptional steps to interfere with the U.S. election. The Senate Intelligence Committee is trying to ascertain exactly what sort of communications the Trump campaign may have had with workers of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The FBI is also investigating.

Last week, the Department of Justice listed onetime FBI Director Robert Mueller as a special counselor-at-law is currently considering Trump-Russia ties after Trump fuelled FBI Director James Comey. Trump said he rejected Comey over his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, although the president also suggested that Comey’s probe of his own disposal was weighing on his thought.

Twitter had thoughts about Julian Assange’s old haircut

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is getting the meme medication in a serious style right now, thanks solely to a scene thats become viral demonstrating him with a preferably amusing haircut.

The 45 -year-old has been holed up in Londons Ecuadorian embassy for years now, mainly as ameans to avoid an inquiry into desecration charges lodged against him in Swedenallegations that wererecently droppedand thus avoids a probable extradition to the U.S.

The image in question isnt actually brand-new, clearly stated. Its been floating around on the internet since at least 2015, the outcome of an interview between Assange and Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman. But as so often is happening in viral material, it took some time to catch fire. Now, abundance of beings are committing their takes on how the silver mullet affects the revolutionary clarity preaches look.

https :// maggieserota/ status /8 6633060550 7792897

Plenty of beings noted Assanges resemblance to Geralt, the exponent of a series of works by Polish authorAndrzej Sapkowski and likewise a trilogy of popular video games. Precisely, lots of beings thought he had a The Witcher III vibe going on.

Thats not the only reference to a video game to have spawned from this particular likenes. Just months ago, Assange himself tweeted out a photo of some street artistry in Melbourne, Australia imaging him as the character Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid V, another famously mulleted superstar. He seemed to enjoy it.

It’s fair to guess that Twitter will be dragging Assange for the immediate future, thanks both to his being a highly polarizing and contentious representation and the unabashed goofiness of that picture.

Based on his most recent figure at least, it looks like he’s found mortal at the embassy who knows how to cut hair.