Hackers post anti-Semitic message on Shia LaBeoufs website


Shia LaBeouf‘s He Will Not Divide Us project has been shot at, vandalized, and targeted by internet trolls. Now the project’s website has been vandalized as well.

According to USA Today , on Monday the website ogled a bit different. It supposedly included a new honour and the numbers 14 /8 8, a” common white supremacist system ,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. As of Tuesday, the website has reverted back to its original homepage.

USA Today

He Will Not Divide Us launchedon Inauguration Day, and initially helped as a livestream of anti-Trump demonstrators, including LaBeouf. In February, LaBeouf was arrested after get into an altercation with another participant. A white supremacist previously mentioned 14 and 88 during a livestream.

The project is slated to last-place the length of Trump’s presidency. As of March 22, the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology in Liverpool has taken in the project.

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4 Easy Things You Can Do To Spring Clean Your Diet And Get Healthy For Summer

It has been a long wintertime and now that springtime is ultimately now, I am feeling a little bit more motivated to tackle that laundry list of springtime cleanup to-dos Ive been avoiding.

This year, instead of just going through my closet to weed out clothes I never wear anymore( or those shirts with tags still on them that Ive affirmed Id wear for the past five years) I am focusing my tries on my kitchen.

And I am not talking about really emptying the kitchen. In reality I would like to completely evade ever emptying the oven or microwave again, if possible.

Instead, I am talking about spring-cleaning my diet.

CACTUS Blai Baules

With the cold weather out of the room, I no longer has only one excuse to cuddle up with my favorite comfort foods or swallow on a few additional glasses of wine while watching the snowfall. Summer is right around the corner and I want to look and seem my best good, and I am sure you do too.

To spring clean your diet, you dont have to give up everything you adoration. The opposite, actually. If “youre just trying to” procreate too many tremendous changes, you wont stick with them.

Its like the time I donated the majority of my shoe accumulation exclusively to find myself back at the mall the next weekend hoarding as many duos of ends I could find. Moderation is key.

Lior+ Lone

Cleaning up your diet can often be more about what is required to to your dinners than what you need to avoid.

These four simple-minded tips will help you to overhaul your nutrition easily in order to be allowed to look great, seem great, and stick with the changes you made.

1. Trench the meat with an ingredient inventory longer than your age.

Yes, transitioning away from processed food and eating exclusively whole meat is a significant approach. But gives be honest, who has time to eat only whole meat 100% of the time? Not me.

Processed meat were members of our daily lives and they dont “ve got to be” undesirable. Just because a meat is managed doesnt mean it isnt nutritious.

However, processed foods with a laundry list of ingredients including added carbohydrates, artificial ingredients and preservatives may not be the best choice.

So look for processed foods with around ten ingredients or less to help cut down on some of those not-so-healthy elements.

2. Focus on the nutrients , not the calories.

It can be tempting to focus solely on the calorie content of a meat when you are examining the label, but calories arent always what they seemto be: despite what you may have heard, all calories are not created equal.

A low-calorie meat carried full of polished carbs and simple sugars is not simply will leave you ravenous, it also will provide you with little to no nutrition.

Instead, a meat rich in plant-based overweights like nuts and grains may seem high in calories, but the healthy overweights and lean protein it stipulates will prevent you satisfied for hours.


As tempting as it may be, evade exercising calories as your sole gauge as to whether or not you are able to eat something, and look at the nutrients the meat provides instead.

3. Fill up on fiber.

If I could only recommend one dietary change, bundling more fiber into your daylight, would be it. Yes, I am a self-proclaimed fiber freak, but for a very good reason.

A diet rich in fiber doesnt really govern the digestive plan. It helps to promote fullness, slice down on hunger and thirsts, promotes a healthy body weight and even lowers future canker gamble. On crest of that, foods rich in fiber have even been shown to add years to your life.

Branislav Jovanovi

Although you really cant have too much fiber, striving for a minimum of 25 to 35 grams per day is a good plaza to start.

Just keep in mind, as you increase your fiber uptake, to do it gradually. Ingesting more fiber means youll likely fart more at first, TBH.

Make sure you addition the amount of irrigate you booze as well. Your entrails will thank you.

4. Lose the added sugars.

This is really a no-brainer. Im sure you know that too much carbohydrate in your diet isnt ideal for health.

But did you know the of the negative effects added carbohydrates can have?

Sure, they afford information sources of empty calories that can lead to weight addition( extremely that dreaded belly fatty ), but they can impact everything from vitality ranks to recognition and absorption, too.

One study indicated that high school students who booze really one soda per daylight had poorer conducts on academic assessments. Other study demonstrates how added carbohydrates can lower vitality and case intervals in absorption, which is not exactly something you want to happen when you are trying to secure that advertising at work.

Cut the carbohydrate by candying your diet naturally by snacking on whole fruits, exercising flavors like cinnamon in coffee instead of carbohydrate, or computing a splash of 100% fruit juice to seltzer, over sucking a can of soda.

The more added carbohydrates you cut out, the better you will feel.

And who doesnt want to feel and ogle great, this summer?

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April the Giraffe is an accident waiting to happen. And we’re all just sitting here waiting.

You don’t have to watch it, you know ?

Image: Vicky leta/ Mashable

So, um, what if something is really wrong with April the Giraffe’s baby?

What if we’re all glued to a highly boring livestream, that’s studying to be a super depressing , not-alive-stream?

Our obsession with April’s bulging belly began innocently enough. In the weeks following Trumps inauguration, the world desired for something anything good to latch onto. And somehow, this totally random, pregnant giraffe filled the order.

We flocked to her livestream in droves, hoping to catch sight of the calf that her custodians affirm was going to come toppling out Any. Second. Now.

He or she would be covered in goop, but would develop otherwise unspoiled, unmonetized, unmemed. Yet: As with everything on the internet, it was too good to be true. It hasn’t shown up yet.

And now, the bad speculations loom.

It’s now months eventually, and we’re still here, still waiting, and still watching( if your boredom hasn’t once started you to tune out ). And what started as our collective safe room to expeditiously morphed into what could be any other ordinary cesspool of online narration. As April continues to lumber around her write, unmoved by all the attention, her fans have started to turn on each other.

The issue, according to the Washington Post , is all the cashing in that the Animal Adventure Park( who operate April’s livestream) and other parties have been doing. Some of her partisans have been put off by the zoo’s GoFundMe safarus, all the April paraphernalium, and even the paid text notifies about Aprils condition.

But the most difficult spat far and away has been the decision to let Toys R Us sponsor the zoo’s livestream. No one knows how much they’ve been transferred to rating the rights to having their logo roosted next to April, but Forbes reports that the plaything retailer has reached some 28 million people up to now, which they deemed as “something like the Internet version of the Super Bowl.

Let’s at least hope we’re in the fourth quarter by now?

The longer this pregnancy lastsand it feels like are currently in about our bazillionth week of waiting at this pointthe more alarmed people have become.

There was some degree of certaintythat this was all an elaborate April Fools Day marketing stunt( it wasnt ). There’re even those who began trying to convince people that in fact giraffes lay eggs. God bless the trolls.

And let’s be clear: This is a marketing stunt, in as much as the zoo set up the livestream as a practice to draw attention to themselvesbut thats the same as most people who bother putting anything on YouTube. The detail that its was transformed into an internet juggernaut was perfectly the result of luck.

The only question is whether it’ll turn out to be good luck, or that of the highly, very bad stripe. Birth can a heartwarming miracle of mood, sure. But it can also has become a destroying ordeal. An accidentally long pregnancy can buy you countless rectifies of ad-consuming eyeballs, but “youre running” the real risk that beings end up associating your symbol with the terrible delivery of a deformed( or as bad: stillborn) giraffe.

Nature’s an changeable force-out. For the moment, this livestream is insanely boring. It’s literally time an embarrassing gaping giraffe, speeding around, in a pen that appears to be too small for any real various kinds of solace. But what if this is taking so long because…there’s something really wrong? Like, what if the calf is dead?

( And now, we should should note, it’s perhaps not, because we can see it moving, but still: Ponder of the fright .)

There are genuinely so many access this could go south. Will we all watch live if they play-act situations of emergency C-section on camera?

A dark aftermath would, in all franknes, be the fitted conclusion to this, a quintessential internet minute. After all, there’s ever darkness after the morning of a viral sensation.

There was Ted Williams, the man with the golden spokespersona onetime junkie ran from being homeless to becoming a YouTube sensation to being back in rehab. Make us not forget Gary from Chicago, the breakout stellar of this years Oscars ceremony who turned out to be an ex-convict. And even the charming-at-first Chewbacca Mom was not without her mistakes.

The point: Nothing is or going to be able to be sacred when the internet is involved. Remember: People even tried to drag the excellent and brilliant BBC Dad. While April perhaps won’t be brought to an end in jail or rehab, she’s a perfectly fitting ticking time bomb for all of us.

Best case scenario: April hands a healthy child hopefully in like five minutes because then we can all going to go. The worst case, though? It only inaugurates with something extending terribly awry during birth.

Of course, it doesn’t outcome there. Instead of this turning into Toys R Us’s biggest PR crisis ever, and all of us learning a task about the threat inherent in capitalizing on mood, April’s tragedy becomes our next preoccupation. We create a slays of meme-orials for the giraffe( s) we have lost and we fall in love with them in a whole new practice. We induce our own Harambe 2.0.

See? We certainly are horrendous, and this is why we can’t have neat concepts. Never Internet.

WATCH: This tricycle for adults will have you looks a lot like the coolest baby on campus

Hands on with the Positron Voyager VR chair

The Positron Voyager VR chairs won’t become you nauseating .

Image: raymond wong/ mashable

Tom Cruise lied and told me I’d feel like I was swimming in zero gravity.

OK, Cruise didn’t really lie to me IRL, but he did in VR, after I strapped on an Oculus Rift VR headset and sat down in a Positron Voyager VR cinema chair to try out the The Mummy: Zero Gravity VR Experience at SXSW 2017.

The Positron Voyager was introduced at the Sundance Film Festival in January. Like all immersive theater chairs you know, such as those 4D movie chairs that rock backward and forward to become “youre feeling” every explosion the Voyager promises to become you feel like you’re in the movie.

The key differences between the Voyager, which resembles an egg chair from the 1960 s, and existing 4D sets is that it’s designed just for VR movies and it likely won’t give you flow sickness.

At least, I didn’t appear the slightest fragment sick during my “ride, ” and neither did my colleague Karissa Bell.

The Positron Voyager chairs are positively comfy.

Image: raymond wong/ mashable

The cinema room I sat in contained 20 Voyager sets, and as you’d expect from a “VR theater“, once you’ve got a headset on your look and over your eyes, you’re perfectly cut off from the outside.

And while most VR content spurs you to look in all directions, the Voyager’s semi-contained enclosure principally guides your attention to what’s immediately in front of you more like a regular movie.

Sure, you are able coming behind you, but it’s not really comfortable to do so in the chairs. Forming around to look behind you likewise means being blasted by the Subpac haptic orators that are built into the back cushions.

As smooth as the Voyager’s mechanical flow was, I was extremely disappointed in The Mummy: Zero Gravity VR Experience . The behind-the-scenes VR experience left me demanding more a lot more.

After putting on the Rift headset, Cruise builds agitation and apprehension, let me tell you something you’re gonna feel like you’re swimming in zero gravitation with him and The Mummy co-star Annabelle Wallis as the Hercules plane you’re in fails out of the sky.

The only problem was, I never felt like I was in a plummeting aircraft , nor did I appear weightless not even the slightest. I exactly find closer to the screen like I was watching a movie in IMAX.

Even with my feet heightened off the ground from the chair’s tilt, I didn’t feel much whiz, and unquestionably wasn’t feared, which was a pity because the whole item of sitting in this thing was to feel something . The chair tilted and curved in such gentles and slow channels, so as not to persuade flow sickness, that it is impossible to simulate any realistic haptic feedback.

The Voyager wasn’t alone at fault here. After all, it was programmed specifically to tilt gradually to simulate the feeling of swimming in zero gravitation. It’s probable the chair could have revolved quicker and tilted at a more aggressive tilt to make it appear more like the plane was plummeting, but the company wouldn’t elaborate on it.

Coming soon to a theater near you.

Image: raymond wong/ mashable

Still, despite the weak Zero Gravity VR video I realized and the fact the company’s still not sharing any details about when the Voyager will arrive( exactly “soon” I’m told) at theaters, I’m confident about the VR chair’s potential to help become “VR theaters” more than exactly a niche. As immersive as some VR content is, a bit flow departs a long way towards obligating it appear more realistic.

“Average” Galaxy Spotted In The Early Universe Is Actually Very Important

Astronomy often relies on extreme objects. Its easier to get excited about “the best” or the most, and it’s stories about exceptionality, not the norm, that usually grab headlines. But today, average galaxies can have the spotlight.

Astronomers have observed a faint and distant galaxy, which they believe is representative of the true average population of galaxies that formed so quickly after the Big Bang. Due to limitations in our instruments, the galaxies seen from this early time have been the brightest and biggest. But this object is definitely nothing special.

“Other most distant objects are extremely bright and probably rare compared to other galaxies,” said lead author Austin Hoag, a UC Davis graduate student, in a statement. “We think this is much more representative of galaxies of the time.”

As reported in Nature Astronomy, the light from MACS1423-z7p64 was emitted 13.1 billion years ago, just a few hundred million years after the beginning of the universe.

This galaxy comes from the mysterious period known as the epoch of reionization. At this time, the universe was full of neutral hydrogen, which blocked most light. The universe would have looked really foggy. But the light of the first stars ripped electrons away from the hydrogen (ionizing it again like after the Big Bang) and allowing the universe to become transparent.

Its in this fog that the first galaxies and first stars formed, so if we want to understand how galaxies have evolved we need to understand reionization. And while the bigger and more luminous galaxies might be awe-inspiring, its the little guys like this one that did the bulk of it.

“We have a before and an after, but not exactly a when,” Hoag added. Or a what, when it comes to what drove reionization. Was it mostly young galaxies, or did objects such as black holes and gamma ray bursts contribute as well?

The light of the galaxy is magnified by the nearby cluster and then it eventually reaches our observatories.NASA/Keck/Austin Hoag/Marusa Bradac

The discovery of MACS1423-z7p64 was possible because it was in the right location in the sky, just behind a very massive galaxy cluster. The gravity of the cluster is so high that it bends space-time creating a gravitational lens.

The cluster magnified the light of this faraway regular Joe and allowed astronomers to spot it. When the next generation of observatories come online, like the James Webb Space Telescope, they will see many more of these average galaxies.

Rosario Dawson Nude Photos Leaked As 2017 Hacking Continues Here Are The Celebrities Affected So Far

With the bulletin that hacked private photographs of Miley Cyrus and Suki Waterhouse had reached the Internet on Tuesday, the divulge being announced The Fappening 2.0 continues.

And we’ve merely found out LEGO Batman performed Rosario Dawson too had nude pics leak today.

Miley has of course, been hacked before, infamously back when she was underage. But all three joins a proliferating roster of men and women who have had their privacy occupied by tech criminals.

CLICK HERE to end “Biggest Celebrities Affected By Hacking Scandals”

CLICK HERE to end “Biggest Celebrities Affected By Hacking Scandals”

CLICK HERE to end “Biggest Celebrities Affected By Hacking Scandals”

CLICK HERE to end “Biggest Celebrities Affected By Hacking Scandals”

CLICK HERE to end “Biggest Celebrities Affected By Hacking Scandals”

[ Image via Dennis Van Tine/ Future Image/ JLN Photography/ KIKA/ WENN .]

20 Memes That Sum Up Exactly How You Feel Doing Your Taxes

I have a confession to utter: We are well into the month of April, and I have yet to even embark filing my taxes.

Yes, I am fully aware the deadline is April 18.

Yes, I will most likely be entering an extension.

And yes, I do suck.

BUT, I know Im not alone.

Even if youre not one of the millions of people who will likely have to file for an extension on your taxes this year, we all know its still a total pain in the ass.

So, I am forging ahead in my never-ending seeking to make all the annoying happenings in life a bit more satisfactory with a delightful, health batch of memes.

1. This is an actual picture ofme any and every time someone draws up doing my taxes.


2. Im sorry, but I only cant help imagine, OK, but why do I to do this? Where is my money even leading?

http :// junk-hoe.tumblr.com/ berth/ 15202355114 3/ when-the-government-doesnt-use-your-taxes-to-fill

3. Is it only me, or does imposition season have a route of shifting you into the most infantile edition of yourself?


4. Youre truly, REALLY trying your hardest to understand all these creepy organizes, but your intelligence is similar to:


5. Because somehow, everyone expects “youve got to” once know how to do your taxes.

6. Like, I thought someone would have learnt me this a long time ago ???


7. But, you know, good occasion I know alllll about parabolas.


8. Siri, unfortunately, cannot help you get your shit together.


9. So then you inevitably turn to your accountant friends in a frantic plea for help.

10. But they ask you dumbass investigates like:


11. Then you find yourself actually pleasing you gotten married, just for the tax benefits.


12. Or, if youre like me, you resort to asking your mothers for help


13. which can backfire pretty quickly.


14. Eventually, you do get the hang of it( you know, around a few months after the deadline progressed ).

15. You learn this is basically the gist of it:


16. You start to feel like SUCH AN ADULT.


17. And then, FINALLY


18. you are able to blow your tax return on the most important thing in life.


19. The 18 th is soon approaching

20. so youd better get to work( yes, Im talking to me ).

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Jellyfish are embarking on their evil plan to invade us, as this video proves

Dear God, it’s happening. The jellyfish are( still) coming to conquer Australia.

First, they tried to disguise themselves as washed-up breast implants. Then, they beached themselves en masse. And now, brand-new footage has surfaced of the evil gelatinous umbrellas, reaping off-shore in some kind of silent meet of doom.

18-year-old Riley Watts and his love met across the gross horde of scarlet buzzer jellyfish off the Western Australia coast. As Watts told ABC North West : “We were just ability out for a channel-surf, got about halfway out and there were frickin’ jellyfish everywhere, so we turned around and went home.”

Then they made their boat out to get a open gape. And those schmucks were everywhere.

They may be soft-bodied and slow-moving but mark our words, Australia. They are giving. And they won’t volunteer you a cool brand-new speech a la Arrival . Instead they’ll really sting you.

Logical beings will tell you that mass jellyfish hordes like this are simply the result of summer-long northerly airs. But we know better. It’s a hostile takeover and you’ve been warned.

Tourist Killed By Deadly Cobra Moments After Taking Pic With It Around His Neck

An man has tragically lost his life moments after posing for a picture with a cobra inJodhpur, India.

The victim was fatally bittenjust as the snake charmer attempted to placethe creature around the mans neck.

A shocking video captured the momentthe reptile delivered a deadly dose of venom directly into the mans cheek.

The tourist didnt immediately notice he had been bitten, as he isseen continuing to pose for a picture.

However, a few moments later, the video shows him touching his cheek repeatedly, sensing something was wrong.

He asked the snake charmer to check whether or not he had been bitten, though he was ignored while the man carried on with his demonstration for the small crowd of people.


The victim began to lose consciousness just a few minutes later, MailOnline reports.

He was taken to a medicine man in Jodhpur, India, rather than a hospital, and within an hour, he had tragically succumbed to the cobras poison.

According to the University of Michigan, cobras have several methods for delivering venom to their prey.


Sometimes, they spit the poison into a victims eyes, which can cause extreme pain and even blindness.

But the most common method involves a direct bite into the victims body.

Once a cobras venom spreads through the bloodstream, it can lead to paralysis, respiratory failure, cardiac arrest and then death.


The only way to counteract most poisonous snake venoms is to inject the appropriate anti-venom quickly after the bite has occurred.

The study from the University of Michigan adds,

If anti-venom is unavailable, your life can still be saved by putting you on an artificial respirator until the paralysis of the diaphragm muscle wears off.

As of now, the exact species of the cobra in this deadly incident is not known.

According to MailOnline, there are five such species native to India, all of which contain poison that is potentially fatal to humans.

Beijing: Insider Travel Guide

( CNN) Important concepts is true in Beijing. You can feel this everywhere in the city of practically 20 million people.

In the years before and after the Beijing 2008 Olympics, modern speculates of glass and chrome have appeared. It all acquires Beijing’s cityscape a study in superlatives; the stately flake of the city contrive a campaign for headlines.

And yet, there’s a Beijing that’s germinating organically on a human flake, particularly within the narrow hutongs, tiny alleys that scatter traditional quadrangle homes.