GOP Congressman Stokes Seth Rich Conspiracy By Saying Hacking Could Be ‘Insider Job’

Rep. Blake Farenthold( R-Texas) furthered a right-wing conspiracy thought on Wednesday when he said the July 2016 hacking of Democratic National Committee emails may have been” an insider activity .”

WikiLeaks released dozens of thousands of internal DNC emails last summertime, simply weeks after committee staffer Seth Rich was fatally filmed while strolling to his Washington , D.C ., dwelling. The timing fueled the conspiracy thought that Rich had given the DNC documents to WikiLeaks, and that the DNC, Democratic Party and Democratic presidential nominees Hillary Clinton may have had him killed as retaliation.

There is no evidence to support those asserts, but Farenthold alluded to them on CNN anyway.

” There’s still some interview for purposes of determining whether the interference at the DNC server was an insider job, or whether or not it was the Russians ,” he said in response to a question about Russian hacking during the 2016 election.

” There’s stuff flowing on the internet ,” he read when CNN’s legions pulped him for proof.” Yet the D.C. police nor no federal investigator has had a look at the DNC computer . … To me, we need to let the feds look at it .”

Until last week,” stuff flowing on the internet” about the DNC murder conspiracy was primarily relegated to niche far-right websites and online meetings like Reddit and 4Chan. Then Fox News and its D.C-based affiliate produced separate, thinly sourced fibs that tried to link Rich to WikiLeaks.

The fibs provoked headlines in the various regions of the right-wing web, and made copious real estate on Fox News: Sean Hannity,” Fox and Friends” and Fox News donors like Newt Gingrich are systematically propagandized them.

The fibs, however, were always believe — the only called informant was Rod Wheeler, a Fox News backer who relied on secondhand information and has a history of pushing baseless conspiracies on breeze — and they swiftly precipitated apart.

Wheeler, a private investigator, has disavowed his initial asserts. The D.C. police, the FBI and Rich’s family all rejected the links between the onetime DNC staffer and WikiLeaks. U.S. intellect officials, meanwhile, said in January that the spills were a result of a Russian hacking functioning; police have said Rich was likely killed during a botched robbery attempt.

Bill Clark via Getty Images
In this file photo from 2011, Rep. Blake Farenthold( R-Texas) communicates during a press conference.

Fox 5, the D.C. terminal, published a brand-new legend last week, admitted that Wheeler had backtracked. Fox News published a retraction and gathered the legend from its website on Tuesday afternoon, but Hannity continued to peddle the conspiracy on Fox News radio.

Rich’s mothers wrote an editorial in The Washington Post on Tuesday, craving parties to stop pushing the” unspeakably inhuman” conspiracy conjectures to further “their own political goals.”

The Manchester attack was an act of violence against women

The screams of teenage girls attending an Ariana Grande concert wouldnt normally be a cause for concern, but Mondays show in Manchester was anything but normal. A suicide bomber set off a homemade explosive device in the packed 21,000-capacity stadium, killing 22 people and injuring 59 more. Many of the concertgoers who fled the blasts were young women wearing Grandes signature kitten ears, fighting acurrent of bright pink balloons to get to safety.

These surreal imagesthe innocence of teen life torn apart by terrorhave devastated the United Kingdom as it grapples with the unthinkable bloodshed. The country has been placed on maximum alert as authorities anticipate the possibility of further violence. The man behind the horrific attack was a 22-year-old who reports indicate had become radicalized by ISIS, and the Islamic State has officially claimed responsibility for the bombing. The tragedy is one of nearly 600 terror attacks reported so far in 2017.

The portrait is a sadly familiar one, though, for the women and girls who are too often murdered in tragedies labeled as senseless, as if they defy any explanation. Although media reports often focus on those who perpetrate violence, theres a clear pattern as to whom culprits target. According to Everytown for Gun Violence, 64 percent of victims murdered in multi-person attacks between 2009 and 2016 were women and children. Whether its being murdered by an intimate partner, a male classmate with a twisted worldview, or a suicide bomber, these victims lose their lives with numbing regularity, and yet we rarely discuss the reason why.

. . .

It was one of the most brutal killings in U.S. history, one you might not have heard about. Eight female nursing students living in a womens dormitory in Chicago were tortured, strangled, and stabbed to death by a male intruder, Richard Speck, who snuck into their residence on the evening of July 14, 1966, intending to rob them. Speck, a Texas seaman who had Born to Raise Hell tattooed on his left arm, tied his victims up and sexually assaulted them at knifepoint. The 24-year-old had a history of violence against women. In addition to being questioned in the disappearances of numerous missing girls, Speck was also accused by his first wife, Shirley, of having raped her numerous times every day.

The Speck murders, although they’ve faded somewhat from public consciousness, provide a chilling look into how mass killing operates. The violent acts he committed were extreme and unthinkableyet they have become a template for gendered violence in the decades since.

In 2015, a man shot up a Lafayette, Louisiana theater showing the Amy Schumer romantic comedy Trainwreck, a movie whose audience was predominantly female, killing two women. In 2014, a 22-year-old college student killed six people just off the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbarahe had planned to gun down a sorority house. In a video message posted to Facebook, he claimed that the act was retribution for the female attention that he felt he had been denied throughout his life.

Like Speck, these perpetrators engaged in repeated acts of domestic violence or abuse prior to the incidenteven when the targets of the eventual murder arent female. The Orlando shooters ex-wife claimed that he victimized and abused her, while the ex-wife and daughter of the Lafayette gunman had a restraining order out against him. The two filed the order in 2008, alleging that the shooter perpetrated acts of family violence against them, alleging extreme erratic behavior. His ex-wife claimed while the two were married she was so concerned that he would harm her that she got rid of the guns in their home.

The gunman who targeted a Colorado Planned Parenthood in 2015 had police charges filed against him after his wife claimed he pushed her out a window. A man in Wausau, Wisconsin, allegedly shot and killed four people after beating his wife. The exact same pattern holds true for mass murders in places like Florence, South Carolina; San Bernardino, California; Kirkersville, Ohio; and Fort Lauderdale, Floridaand somehow we continue to be surprised when yet another killer is revealed to be a domestic abuser.

A 2013 report from the Violence Policy Center (VPC) claims that more than 1,600 women were murdered at the hands of a man, and statistics show that around 600 of those deaths were the result of a husband or boyfriend, one who may subsequently harm their kids. Cynthia Villegas husband murdered their four daughters after taking her life in 2016. A 2003 study published in the American Journal of Public Health showed just how grave the threat of violence is: If a womans partner keeps a gun in the home, she is 500 times more likely to die as a result of homicide.

We are bombarded with countless examples of this sobering reality, and yet we do little about it. When the Orlando shooter gunned down 49 people in a gay club last year, politicians didnt highlight the need to stop domestic abusers before their violence escalates. The focus was solely on the gunmans religion.

As the violence in Manchester so harrowingly reminds us, our continued silence on the violence women face every single dayeven while doing something as innocent and silly as going to a sold-out concert for a former Disney channel starhas chilling costs. Saffie Rose Roussos, one of the few victims to be identified, was just eight years old. Her teachers describe Roussos as a beautiful little girl and loved by everyone. Prior to her untimely death, Georgina Callander tweeted at Grande, So excited to see u tomorrow. The 18-year-old, a self-described superfan, met the singer in 2015. They posed for a selfie.

If we care about the little girls who lost their lives on Monday night, we must create a world where young women can experience the joys of childhood without becoming yet another unfortunate statistic. We will never know what was going on in the Manchester shooters head, but who his victims are speakvolumes.

‘An utter disgrace’: Middlebury College says ‘Naughty, naughty’ to students who mobbed Charles Murray

“Controversial”( i.e ., conservative) campus loudspeakers have had a difficult spring semester, with responses from students and executives straddling from full-blown riots to cancellations to literalbans of certain loudspeakers. It was enough to inspire a commission at Wellesley to ask student groups tothink twice before inviting loudspeakers with” controversial and abhorrent ideas” andtoconsider the possible pain, trauma, trauma, and shattering a guest speaker could foist onthe student torso by his or her existence on campus. Parties who don’t truly know Charles Murray know exclusively that he co-wrote” The Bell Curve” and therefore is a heinous person or persons spreads dislike wherever he goes. Murray was expecting an public at Middlebury College in March but instead found a syndicate waiting for him. A professor fromthe school was injured when the mobtried to keep her and Murray from leaving campus in their vehicle.

It’s been more than 2 month since that debacle was captured on video, and Middlebury has at last announced the disciplinary measures handed down.

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Bear attempts to attack a baby elk but mama is having none of it

Do not mess around when momma is nearby.

A visitor at the Intention of the World in the Coconino National Forest in Arizona got up close and personal with Mother Nature recently.

In the excerpt, a large female elk can be speeding near a young assume in a wooded neighborhood just off the road. A young animal can be heard crying, but is not immediately noticeable. The bear starts to attack something under a fallen tree, and that’s when it becomes apparent that the announcements are coming from an elk calf.

But mama is having none of it.

The bear briefly withdraws up a tree, and when it attempts to attack the baby elk again, the mother elk moves in, knocking and blaming the bear.

The charge generates the baby elk sufficient time to get away, and the two run off into the woods.

These Alcohol Life Hacks Will Change Your Life

Alcohol is strange trash — it either boosts your party to slurring heights or it kills all bacteria you didn’t know you didn’t miss. Anyway, this little video depicts some amazing life spoofs committing alcohol.

Honor Student Gets Suspended, Banned From Graduation And Almost Arrested For Wearing This Shirt

You’d imagine that a student with a grade point average of 4.4 and multiple scholarships would have to do something pretty extreme to get suspended from school for two weeks AND banned from their graduation, right? Wrong. Because this student from Hickory Ridge High School in Harrisburg, North Carolina just got suspended, and almost ARRESTED, for nothing more than wearing a shirt. It wasn’t emblazoned with cuss words. Nor did it contain offensive imagery. It was, as you can see below, just a normal-looking shirt, but her high school principal said it violated the Hickory Ridge dress code.

Summer was sitting in the cafeteria last week when the principal told her to cover the offending item of apparel with a coat. Despite Summer complying with the request, the principal, this time accompanied by the school security officer, then sent her to the control room to change her shirt entirely.

“The security guard was within five feet of me,” Summer told WCNC. “He had his hand on his gun. The principal said, ‘I’m gonna give you an ultimatum. We have tried to call your mother. You either come with me to the control room to change your shirt or we will arrest you.’” This time Summer refused and ended up being suspended for “insubordination.” She’s also been banned from all end-of-year events, which includes her own graduation. What do you think? Was the principal right to enforce the rules, or has she gone too far? Let us know in the comments below. (h/t: 22words)

Do you think there’s anything wrong with the shirt this girl is wearing?

Image credits: WCNC

Apparently it violated her school’s dress code so severely that the girl, named Summer, got suspended

Summer, who has a 4.4 GPA, has also been banned from her own graduation!

Image credits: WCNC

“You either come with me to the control room to change your shirt or we will arrest you,” said the principal

Image credits: WCNC

“The security guard was within five feet of me,” said Summer. “He had his hand on his gun”

Image credits: WCNC

Needless to say, the internet was understandably outraged

See the video below for more information:

Here’s how to master Snapchat’s new Custom Stories feature

Snapchat‘s new Custom Stories feature is going to be a huge touch at parties.

In an attempt to stay one stair ahead of InstagramStories, Snapchat composed a highway of collaborating with pals on the app. Now you’ll be able to invite friends to your Stories, passing them the opportunity to add these experiences and definite panache to the fib before pushing it live.( Custom Stories will still fade after the normal 24 -hour time period .) It’s the latest in a long indication of Snapchat featuresSnapchat Scissors, Snapchat Loop and a magical eraserensuring we stay as addicted as ever to the service.

Here are a few simple steps on how to create a Custom Story for the next big occurrence on your calendar.

How to make a Custom Snapchat Story

1) Take a snap

Just like you would any other snap, the first step for creating a new fib is to take a nice selfie or a snap of whatever you’re doing.

2) Tap” Create A Story”

Screenshot via Snapchat app

Once you take your snarl, tap “+ CREATE STORY” at the top-left angle of your fib part. This will bring you to a new window to customize your new story.

3) Nameyour new story

Screenshot via Snapchat app

Give your fib a distinct refer that will indicate the contents you and your friends will be adding to the Story. Essentially, these personalized narratives will be treated just like public narratives for your metropoli or a local occurrence, except you will be able to decide who can deem it.

Screenshot via Snapchat app

My Story name above (” Memorial Weekend !”) is clearly not distinct, but holiday weekends are always a great excuse to create a personalized fib. Cookouts, reserves and pissed selfies: It’s perfect for Snapchat.

4) Add friends to the Story

Screenshot via Snapchat app

Once you create a name, you can the friends you want to be included in its own experience. The stair for addingfriends is the same for choosing who can deem your patronage fib. Note: All of the contributors to the fib will also be able to deem it( for obvious concludes ).

Screenshot via Snapchat app

If you want to let person or a group of parties add or end the fib but you don’t have their username, you can utilize the geofence toggle that will make the fib and capabilities appear when inside the designated area.


The excellent Snapchat spoofs, tips-off, jokes, and confidential serves

The eventual template to Snapchat flirting

How to use Snapchat: A novices leader

Snapchat Award: How to get them and what they aim

5) Create and improve your story

When you are done including pals and configuring the geofence, tap “CREATE STORY” and the fib will be published for exploit. The Story will appear under your “STORIES” section.

Screenshot via Snapchat app

If a acquaintance or two stole your head or you want to change who can deem it, you can go back into the fib by tapping the locates wheel next to the fib on your Stories feed.

Screenshot via Snapchat app

You can add as numerous grabs as you want to the narratives, but you can only organize up to three Custom Stories at a time. There’s an easy way around that limit, though. Just ask a acquaintance to create another Custom Story and add you as a member.

Paul Ryan just found out about GIFs, still wants to strip healthcare from millions tho

Oh good, fortunate bulletin! Paul Ryan simply found out about GIFs, and he desires them! He calls them “GIFs or GIFFIEs” and thinks they’re pretty darn “awesome.”

In an interrogation with Mike Allen of Axios, Ryan, who comes on at 22 instants and comes GIFFY at 1:03, shared that he just recently learned about GIFs or, at the least, the keyboard consolidation of GIFs and he’s made a liking to using them on unsuspecting recipients: “I transmit GIFs to people who really dont expect it from me.” Power move, Paul.

Realistically, of course, literally anyone is a candidate for not expecting a GIFFY from Paul Ryan. Is it ever standard for one’s rapport with the Speaker of the House to involve GIFs of Stifler establishing a thumbs up? Don’t answer that.

Adulting School is having a bit of an ‘adulting’ problemand that’s OK

Its been three months since the much-anticipated and mocked Adulting School was originally scheduled to opening. An online school for resources on how to ended adult-like exercises, like changing a tire or suitably generate a fund, the website was slated to be a home where young adults can pick up beneficial home economics-type skills that escaped them in high school and college. For $19.99 a few months, all these instructions would be available through online directions, curriculum-based videos, and private social media groups at the students convenienceplus a few concoction networking affairs at local prohibits in between.

Of course, whenever there is chides for slacking millennials, though, there is backlash. There are innumerable #Millennials who have learned to be responsible for their day and coin completely separately of their own families or educations. They learned to do those events in spite of it, Cosmopolitan bemoaned. Dont blamed your education or our generationjust make love. In the founders own terms, You’re smart and competent, and you will find a way.

As someone who is by definition Adulting Schools targeted millennial gathering, which often finds itself in the crosshairs of an elderly generation accusing us for spending too much coin on avocado toast and pushing us to go ahead and get pregnant, the lacking interest didnt come just as much of a surprise to me. Millennials adored ordeals, hate descriptions, and regard a healthy mistrust for consumerismbeing told were doing adulting wrong and that we needed to pay for a service to address such impasses is the millennial fable as old as time.

https :// p/ BPkv1vYBWOk/

But divulging ranks from the webs polarized opinions of Adulting School, I was genuinely very interested in trying out the service. I am a person who had deserved a college degree and known to be to set up auto statute remittances but cannot follow a disciplined fund of saving 10 percentage. I am a person whose project of weekly banquet prep involves evaporating rice and sounding one of those steam-in-bag vegetable combinations in the microwave.

I will acknowledge, though, Im at a little bit of an advantage when it comes to gondola services and residence repairsmy dad is an drill rig motorist returned welder returned auto characters professional returned heating and breathing technician who educated me how to use a soldering handgun when I was in elementary school. But I still strive to be independent of my fathers admonition, and I encounter the need for something like Adulting School through the peoples of the territories Ive lived withroommates whove reputed liquid soap could substitute dishwashing liquid, others whove dangerously rigged kitchen fixtures to avoid going to a hardware supermarket.

When I developed an account in February, I was informed that Id get a trial run of the website for two weeks, then be charged the $19.99 month to month for the subscription.

The site even includes free material, under the Adulting Collective, for customers who still want use the Adulting School website but dont miss a paid subscription.

However, since all the press made the internet, co-founders Rachel Weinstein and Katie Brunelle have pushed back the areas launch from February to June. I havent been able to access the Adulting Schools features, save for a few Facebook Live videos of representatives demonstrating lessons on concoction recipes and DIY home cleansers posted to its private customer group.

https :// p/ BPx5__Blwpt/? taken-by= adultingcollective

I have also been charged for the service, content MIA. Other would-be subscribers were charged, too. In almost an adulting omission of new initiatives, I didnt recognize the cost had been taken from my account until recognizing specific comments from another member of the Facebook group, asking how she could be refunded.

Other group members chimed in, some asking for indemnities, and others asking to be removed from the service absolutely. Weinstein and Brunelle were attentive and apologetic, and I was refunded less than a few weeks later.

The issue had been remedied, Brunelle said. They had moved subscriber info to a new platform, except for remittance message, which subscribers would need to update themselves formerly the website launched. About two weeks after our exchange, on April 19, I was billed $19.99 a second time.

It seemed Adulting School was having an adulting difficulty of its own.

. . .

While Brunelle defended for the mistake profusely, keeping in contact to update me with what they were doing to rectify the problemincluding moving from their complicated fund-collecting platform, SamCartit seemed the company was having other issues.

In early April, Brunelle told the Daily Dot that the site is going in a different direction, where peers can access free material such as blog announces, examines, life-hack videos within the framework of the Adulting Community. This would also be in addition to the paid due classes established by the Adulting School and passed online by ambassadors.

It is believed that although there are media, young adults, and parents of millennials seemed off with sounding interest forand scathing essay ofthe project back in November, Brunelle said the project hasnt seen as much interest from possible consumers themselves. Then after the monthly accuse debacle, she shared that about a handful of parties had decided to cancel their services, leaving their customer locate at about 100 though about 20 more if you count the people in the Adulting School Facebook group.

Brunelle is hoping a rebrand will address this. The recently appointed Adulting Collective is expected to opening next month.

The changes that we’re making will build everything pour something much, Brunelle told the Daily Dot. Rachel and I had this idea and this perception for the website and the online school, and what we know how to do only return that perception until now, so bringing in these experts is going to be really cool. We turned our mindset, and this new cavity is really going to be a’ collective.'”

https :// p/ BQbYkvmFoEI/? taken-by= adultingcollective

I have to admit, I didnt know what to make of it all at first. Weinstein and Brunelle seemed well-meaning and most responsive to me and others, and both experiences I was surcharged, Id been refunded in less than a few weeks. But any other firm with a track record of inadvertently surcharging customers for a promised free ordeal “wouldve been” pulped to interpret more thoroughly. To obstruct getting charged when “there werent” material and the whole representation was being redesigned acquired events as bad. It was a great fuck up, one that more established institutions had a duty to spend hours asking in a public relations nightmare.

And more time realizing how my parentsa pair of thickened, ruthless 60 -year-oldswould respond in this situation fixed me reel my attentions and root for Weinstein and Brunelle further. Adulting School charged parties for a service that has already been to lie, something my momma with a job in customer services would immediately report to the Better Business Bureau. My dad would include them to his never-ending schedule of businesses he refuses to patron and eventually forgets about, among them McDonalds( for a 2000 happen in which they charged him extra for a Britney Spears VHS tape I required in place of a toy) and a lineup of eateries that took too long to sit us during the past two decades.

While I wasnt detecting none too impressed with Adulting School, I wasnt too so dissatisfied as a would-be customer to offset completely.

To me, it sounds like Weinstein and Brunelle are working toward better business decisions all around. Theyve previously severed their ties with SamCart, have begun implementing and asking the changes on their website, and are currently working on a second round of edits on task videos for the areas trial run.

I suppose my to better understand developments in the situation, coupled with my own experience in being a young person who is still stirring the same trial-and-error screw-ups, has acquired me more empathetic. I should acknowledge that not everyone has the luxury of having $20 randomly charged to their debit card without financial backlash, and Im sure others would rather call out my calmnes as naivety( Fool me formerly, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me ). But as foolish as I do sound, I can identify the ways in which own experience as young adults reflects Weinstein and Brunelles unchartered project.

Over the past five years of transitioning through college and post-grad, I wouldnt have been able to make do 1 week without the forgiveness of others for the stupid albeit rectifiable misconceptions Ive fixed. And for that, I dont mind chipping Adulting School some slack. If that isn’t a important task in adulting, Im not sure what is.

People who took magic mushrooms sought medical treatment less than other drug users

When it comes to recreational drugs, magic mushrooms appear to be the “safest” substance, a new survey found.

Hallucinogenic mushrooms were far less likely to send people to the emergency room than alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, and a handful of other drugs, according to this year’s Global Drug Survey.

Among 12,000 mushroom consumers, about 0.2 percent said they sought emergency medical treatment in 2016 the lowest rate for any drug tracked by the survey. By comparison, rates for LSD and ecstasy use were five times higher.

Methamphetamine carried the greatest risk for seeking emergency medical treatment, followed by synthetic cannabinoids, which are sold under brand names like K2 and Spice, the survey found.

But let’s be clear: magic mushrooms are still risky. They’re just less risky than some other drugs.

High doses of the illegal substance can cause panic attacks and dangerous hallucinations, which have led some people to plunge to their death in extreme cases. And while ‘shrooms themselves are not poisonous, it’s easy to accidentally eat a poisonous genus, which can cause severe vomiting, diarrhea, and other effects.

“Combined use with alcohol and use within risky or unfamiliar settings increase the risks of harm most commonly accidental injury, panic and short-lived confusion, disorientation, and fears of losing one’s mind,” Adam Winstock, a consultant addiction psychiatrist and founder of the Global Drug Survey, told the Guardian.

Yet hallucinogenic mushrooms aren’t limited to recreational drug use. In fact, they’re increasingly being viewed as potential medical treatments for certain ailments, albeit at different dosages.

Two recent studies at New York University and Johns Hopkins University found that psilocybin a key compound in the mushrooms has promising therapeutic benefits for people with depression. Proponents are seeking to legalize mushrooms for use in controlled, medical settings.

The Global Drug Survey is an independent research company based in London. The 2017 survey included more than 120,000 participants in 50 countries.