Facebook top 10 concert lists may be security risk – BBC News

Image copyright Facebook Image caption The activity is to listing the top 10 ensembles beings have seen in concert – but with one specious entryway throw in for pals to recognize

Comparing directories on social media of the top 10 concerts you have ever attended seems like a harmless enough pastime.

But there are urges that the recent Facebook craze could actually be a risk to our online security.

The firstly gig you went to is often one of the safety questions which banks and other organisations expect when setting up an accounting – and disclosing that information online, even in an innocent online upright, could reach you more vulnerable to hackers.

“I wouldn’t do it, ” supposed Prof Alan Woodward, from the University of Surrey.

“But it’s difficult to tell people not to take part, as it is part of their social interaction and has become the norm.