Celebrate 420 by watching the ‘Broad City’ babes hold a ~magical~ smoke sesh

It’s the happiest hour of its first year.

And don’t Broad City courages Abbi and Ilana know it. The known weed barbarians and best friends forever easy fan’s between-season retirements on Thursday. The show’s IRL pioneers and stellars, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, released a special “Hack into Broad City” Facebook video to celebrate stoners’ favourite date.

And things got pretty magical. Ilana ousted her diffuser’s indispensable lubricants with vape oil and the pair pretend to vape and pass, via Skype, as is their beloved tradition.

Except this time, it actually cultivates! Either that, or they’re so high, they fantasized a second hose into existence.

Happy holi-daze!