Amber Rose’s strange Tyga and Beyonc tweets were the result of an alleged hack

Image: Getty Images for AIDS Healthcare

Amber Rose’s tweets are generally pretty straightforwardInstagram poles, refuting bogus news, and whiz studded photographsbut on Wednesday situations got a little weird.

The entrepreneur’s Twitter feed included a duet jab at Tyga and Beyonc Wednesday night, though she claims now “shes been” hacked.

Rose left the two tweets in question up for hours, before finally removing them Thursday morning. The first attacked Tyga, responding ever since he left Blac Chyna, his music had gone downhill. “It’s always the case garbage just more than usual, ” she, or some intruder, tweeted.

Blac Chyna and Tyga’s involved biography, and Rose’s friendship with Chyna, doesn’t make this tweet seem too far-fetched. But then, for some reason, Rose decided to come for Beyonc.

“Hey Beyonc I got a secret. I am Becky With the Short Hair, ” she, or a possible intruder (?), wrote, referencing words that appear on Bey’s Lemonade .

Rose eventually shared an Instagram video which peculiarity controversial radio personality Charlemagne tha God, said two of them did get hackedbut, of course, Charlemagne slipped a dig at Tyga before the conclusion of its clip.

We both got hacked fuck it #safeword @cthagod

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In addition to the alleged hacking, reports surfaced that her dwelling was broken into during the day, and an invader remained in her residency for hours.

Safe to say Rose has had better Wednesdays.