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How wearing 5 bands on your wrist can remind you to be a better parent.

Toddlers, am I right?

We love them, and they’re charming, but oh son are they a handful.

Supposedly, minors start to rapidly develop empathy somewhere around their second birthday. But let’s be real: They’re still hearing. Most of the time, they’re self-centered, exceedingly feeling, and prone to outbursts .

Any parent who claims they’ve never lost their cool around a calling infant isn’t being totally honest.

But there’s a intelligent “parenting hack” forming its acces all over the internet that’s supposed to help stressed-out parents stay calm under pressure.

Or, at least, used to help cool down following a major feeling outburst from their darling angel.

It’s “ve called the” “hair tie stunt, ” or “rubber band trick, ” pioneered by parenting blogger Kelly at The( Reformed) Idealist Mom.

Sick and tired of persistently being angry with her young daughter, she got the idea to keep track of every time she snapped, shrieked, or lashed out with fuzz ties or rubber bands around her wrist.

Every occasion she felt like she lost her feeling, she moved one fuzz stripe to the other arm.

In order to “earn it back, ” she had to sit down and create a few positive times with her daughter: reading a bible together, dancing, singing a song.

The goal is to keep as many straps as is practicable on the original wrist.

If you’re skeptical, you’re not the only one. But mamas and dads sharing this stunt like crazy online say it parts.

This upright about the chill-out tactic from one momma, Shauna Harvey, recently croaked viral.

Today, I tried something new.

Blogger here—-> http :// idealistmom.com/ angry-mother/

Something that required me to…

Posted by Shauna Harvey onTuesday, May 16, 2017

The response has been immense, with millions of parents sharing with other parents in need.

We all want to be the excellent momma or the excellent daddy the person who is ever has everything under control and can comfort a crying infant while simultaneously hammering up an organic, Instagram-worthy dinner, all with a beaming smile.

But the truth is parenting is rarely that effortless. And worse, when the stress does get the better of us, it can be really destructivefor both us and our relations with our minors .

The hair tie trick may seem cheesy, but anything that reminds us to slow down, live, and at least try to enjoy quality time with our minors is certainly worth a shot.

Want to know if that super-cute bartender is flirting with you, bro? Check the sign.

A handy guidebook to asking the age-old theme “Is the bartender flirting with me? ” started viral on social media this week, and we’re now for it.

Titled “Why the Female Cashier Is Being Nice to You” and offering two possible asks( either “She is uncontrollably sexually attracted to you” or “Because that’s literally her “fuckin portions” you cretin” ), the entire pie chart was replenished in to tag the latter rebuttal at 100%.

Exeter’s Beer Cellar shared the photo alongside a message asking men to please stop trying to kiss their female bartenders’ hands.

Also, “don’t try to kiss strangers’ hands” is just good suggestion in general.( For what it’s merit, calling people “cretins” was likely to be avoided, more ).

The sign is unbelievably relatable for anyone who’s ever acted in the service industry as demonstrated by the replies it got.

From the befuddled to the harassed to the appreciative, the replies addressed the reality that people who work in menu work front, especially women.

“[ As a woman ,] you’re obviously pressured to give A+ customer service, and onus of people would translate common cordiality as nostalgic fascinate, ” Charlotte Mullin, the sign’s designer, told Mashable. “I wanted to made quite clear that female staff are nice to you because they have to be! And, of course, the majority of members of us are reasonable human beings and “d be nice to” you anyway, but in no way does this mean we’re dying for your dick.”

That pressure to give “A+ customer service” is partially because bartenders and wait staff rely on deserving tips from purchasers. This various kinds of molestation is only one more reason to get rid of tip-off altogether.

In an industry where proletarians rely on tips, employees often find themselves in situations where they don’t appear cozy rebuffing someone’s advanceds for horror of lost wage, lower tips, and possibly even employer retribution. It’s a sticky situation and one of the major proofs in favor of moving away from that organisation.

Beer Cellar constituted sure people knew that yes, their employees get paid a living wage.

Really, that should be a standard worldwide. But until that’s the example, remember to tip, and not touch , your bartenders.

Easy enough to remember, right?

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This 10-year-old created a t-shirt company to fight racism and colorism

10 -year-old Kheris Rogers sits her t-shirt wire .

Image: Courtesy of Flexin’ in my hue

Kheris Rogers is proud of her hue and she wants other black daughters to experience the same.

At only 10 years old, Rogers is fighting racism and colorism with a new wire of empowering t-shirts announced Flexin’ In My Complexion.

The unapologetic quotation is displayed on each t-shirt in the line, invoking the hashtag #FlexinInMyComplexion that gained notoriety on Black Twitter in 2015.

“I wanted to create this garment wire to provoke other people to be confident and comfy in their skin, ” Rogers pronounces. “The reason why the font on our Classic shirts is so bold is because we wanted the shirts to be just as bold as the message.”

Image: Courtesy of Flexin’ in my complexion


Even if you don’t know Rogers’ name, you obviously know her front and form. The 10 -year-old went viral on Twitter in March after her 22 -year-old sister, Taylor Pollard, took a photograph of her and posted it on Twitter with the caption, “My sister is merely 10, but previously royalty #FlexinInHerComplexion. “

The tweet of Rogers gazing absolutely stunning has garnered more than 31,000 retweets and 83,000 likes since it was posted.

The post was an unapologetic festivity of Rogers’ skin tint something she had long been bullied for. In elementary school, for example, white-hot both students and professors discriminated against Rogers for her dark skin.

The racist razzing get so bad that her mom decided to transfer her to a different clas but the bullying still appeared. This time, it from light-skinned black students, who hinted Rogers’ darker skin shade started her less beautiful.

Building off of her viral success, Rogers generated her t-shirt wire in late April to encourage other people of color to celebrate their skin , no matter the colour. She lopes the line with the assistance of her sister, the status of women responsible for her viral stardom.

Through the t-shirt wire, they want to generating awareness to colorism, or slanted based on skin colour that occurs within communities of color.

“I only hope to provoke others to flex in their hue, and know that their skin is excellent, ” Rogers pronounces. “In my wire, I want to generating awareness as to why some people with dark hue are not ever self-confident in their skin.”

She pronounces the aid she’s received since starting Flexin’ In My Complexion has been devastating. She’s even come mentions on social media from celebrities like Snoop Dogg, who lately posted her tale and portrait on his Instagram and Twitter.

A post said that he shared snoopdogg (@ snoopdogg ) on

“It is very exciting that so many parties are substantiating, ” Rogers pronounces. “There have been so many parties reaching out and telling me their own narratives, and I appreciate it because I know that I am not alone in my experience.”

Rogers plans to release new patterns and wordings this summer, including fitted shirts, pasture meridians, and toddler sizes. But while developing her label is exciting, she pronounces spreading her send is even more important: “I plan to continue to stand up for what I believe in, and provoke others to enjoy the skin they are in.”

If MacGyver lived today this is probably how he’d survive in the wild

Image: discovery channel

We all use tech to get through the day. Whether its replying to messages on Slack or email for work, or using map apps to get us from place to place, our gadgets are often our lifeline to the world.

But imagine having to use your gadgets to survive, literally.

That’s exactly what adventurer Andy Quitmeyer does in his new series Hacking the Wild. In the show, Quitmeyer, whose day job is as a assistant professor at the National University of in Singapore, goes into some of the world’s most remote regions armed with nothing but pieces of everyday technology.

Forget food rations, water purifiers, or even mosquito repellent Quitmeyer, who calls himself a “digital survivalist” is equipped with laptops and digital cameras to survive.

In the very first episode of the series, Quitmeyer is dropped into the jungle for four days, during which he creates his own mosquito trap using metal coil and a digital camera the first of many devices he creates over the series.

In the same episode, he also makes his own hydroelectric generator, using a nearby river to power a lightbulb and he constructs his own compass using parts from a laptop.

Quitmeyer’s journeys see him going everywhere from a desert island to an Alaskan ice forest. During his time in the wild, Quitmeyer isn’t given any food, water, or help in any form. Rather, he feeds himself on anything he gets his hands on, from plants to exotic fruit. And sometimes he even uses his food to generate electricity.

According to Quitmeyer, he first got into exploring when he starting fixing equipment for field biologists.

Image: discovery channel

Before the show, Quitmeyer also had his own YouTube channel, where he records his tech repairs and creations in the wild. It was this channel that led to Quitmeyer being spotted and approached to create his own TV show.

“One of the key challenges is deciding what equipment to bring with me … that takes me so much time,” Quitmeyer explains.

“[Once] I was carrying 90 pounds on my backpack of just electronics … [so now I try not to] overburden myself. Because that’s going to be more dangerous than even a lot of natural encounters.”

But his previous adventures definitely prepared him for life on the show.

“All my previous hiking trips in Panama or Madagascar and the Philippines, they really trained me in figuring out ways to actually do the electronics in the wild,” Quitmeyer said.

“Like in Panama, I had to repair a laptop … and then a bunch of army ants started going to our electronics and chewing stuff up. So it taught me to be really prepared even the craziest things will happen.”

But despite the extreme scenarios Quitmeyer finds himself in, he says the goal for the show is not to intimidate viewers his real motivation for the show is for people to get to know nature better.

“[The idea for the show is like] how can we use something to show that with a couple of quick, easy tips, you can actually survive in the wilderness … you can play with electronics, you can build cool stuff,” said Quitmeyer.

“So that’s my real secret motivation … to get people to love nature more.”

All images and videos were provided by Discovery.

Curious pup makes woman’s first time … really awkward

You’d hope that your first orgasm “wouldve been” the best experience of their own lives, but for TV identity Carrie Keagan, “its one” of the most embarrassing. Suffer through the moment with her and our fracture unit of animators.

First Fails is a new mini-series from Mashable and Bravo. Join notorieties as they recount their first worst times coming to you in full animated color.

Nintendo drops the ban hammer on hacked 3DS systems

Image: Peterasteffen/ Epa/ REX/ Shutterstock

Nintendo restricted a knot of hacked Nintendo 3DS organizations from retrieving online services. The 3DS hacking parish is, unsurprisingly, freaked out about it.

On situates like Reddit and GBATemp, 3DS hackers who modified their systems’ firmware started recognise yesterday their organizations are no longer able to access most online services including the Miiverse, the friends roll, and apps like Netflix and YouTube. Some parties report that the eshop and web browser are still use, though.

Nintendo confirmed to us that it issued bans to 3DS organizations “thats been” modified, toy pirated sports, or connected to servers in a way that contravened Nintendo’s terms of service.

As a result of a number of users offsetting unauthorized method revisions, playing unauthorized versions of one or more sports and/ or connecting to the game servers in violation of our terms of service, Nintendo has restricted those users organizations from retrieving its online network, effective immediately.

You can tell if your 3DS has been restricted if you get this mistake theme when trying to access some online services: “This device’s better access to online services has been restricted by Nintendo. For aid, see support.nintendo.com.”

According to some people on 3DS spoofing meetings , not every hacked method has been restricted, and there’s no clear correlation between what causes some systems to be banned and others to wing for the purposes of the radar.

Nintendo did not specify how long these bans would be in effect, but it wouldn’t be surprising if Nintendo never lifted them.

H/ T: Kotaku .

Drone journalist won’t go to prison after arrest for filming protests

Image: Jae C. Hong/AP/REX/Shutterstock

“I’m really at their mercy right now for something that I didn’t do.”

That was the voice of Aaron Turgeon in a video uploaded to YouTube on Oct. 31, 2016, as Turgeon learned what he was up against in court.

Turgeon had used a drone, which he says he later returned, to record video of Native American-led protests against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which would run through Native American land.

For this, Turgeon was arrested and charged with felony and misdemeanor counts of reckless endangerment as well as a misdemeanor count of physical obstruction of a government function, according to Motherboard.

He faced up to seven years in jail, but was found not guilty on all counts on Thursday.

Turgeon said police had accused him of flying a drone at either a plane or a helicopter, and he seemed perplexed that he could even be accused of such a thing.

At about 33 minutes into the video below, you can see what is alleged to be Turgeon’s drone flying nowhere close to a North Dakota Highway Patrol plane that is also in frame.

For this, he was accused of “extreme indifference to the value of human life,” according to documents obtained by Motherboard.

The misdemeanor reckless endangerment charge came from allegedly flying a drone above protesters, “creating a substantial risk of serious bodily injury or death.”

Turgeon is not the only journalist arrested after recording what happened to pipeline protesters.

Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman was charged with participating in a riot after recording video of protests in October.

She, like Turgeon, was cleared.

Cloak and Dagger is a new Android attack that can steal your passwords and more

Image: uservice_spb

Most malware requires some chassis of active user interaction that are intended to infect a device a click on a relate in a phishing email, or the process of establishing software from an unverified source.

But a brand-new type of affect, dubbed Cloak and Dagger, can basically take over your Android phone without your( self-conscious) assist. Worse , no major account of Android is safe at this time.

Described by a crew of researchers from the University of California and the Georgia Institute of Technology, Cloak and Dagger relies on the way Android UI handles sure-fire permissions.

If an app is downloaded from Google’s Play Store, researchers claim, it is automatically awarded the SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission, aka “draw on top.” You’ve likely “ve seen this” permission in action it’s are exploited by Facebook’s chat tops, which move over other material on your screen.

This can be used to hijack the user’s sounds and bait her into granting the app another permission, announced BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE or a11y, which can be used for embezzling your passwords and rods, for example.

A hacker that mixes both sets of vulnerabilities could quietly lay a “God-mode” app with all permissions permitted, including access to your letters and bawls.

Even though a lot of this is intended action and not an actual employ, it can definitely be used to take over someone’s device. The researchers claim they researched it on 20 human topics , nothing of which had realized what was going on.

The one thing that protects consumers right now is the fact that to do all this, the malicious app is necessary downloaded from Google’s official Play Store, meaning that it has to pass Google’s security checks. But from past examples we know it’s emphatically possible for malicious intruders to slip in a malware-infested app into Play Store.

“It is incidental to get such an app admitted on the Google Play Store.”

“A speedy venture shows that it is frivolou to get such an app admitted on the Google Play Store, ” the researchers claim. “We deferred an app requiring these two permissions and containing a non-obfuscated functionality to download and perform arbitrary system( attempting to simulate a clearly-malicious action ): this app got approved after time a few hours( and it is still available on the Google Play Store ), ” they wrote.

While Google has partially secured the issue in the most recent account of Android( 7.1.2 ), the researchers claim it’s still fully possible to take advantage of the vulnerabilities described above. Harmonizing to the researchers, these aren’t “simple bugs” but “design-related issues, ” necessitating it will make more time to fix them; likewise, Google considers some of these issues as aspects, and does not currently plan to fix them.

To protect their maneuvers, the only thing users can do right now is check which apps have access to the “draw on top” and a11y permissions. The measures in place to do this vary in different versions of Android; they are listed here.

“We’ve been in close touch with the researchers and, as ever, we realize their efforts to help keep our consumers safer. We have updated Google Play Protect our security services on all Android maneuvers with Google Play to detect and frustrate the process of establishing these apps. Prior to this report, we had already built brand-new protection safeties into Android O that will further strengthen our protection from these issues is progress, ” a Google spokesperson told Mashable .

Learn how to turn your setbacks in business into long-term success feat. Barbara Corcoran

A wise man once said that the people who’ve impelled it to the top are the ones that failed the most.

“Failure” is one of those paroles that could make any young entrepreneurs’ feeling bounces a beat.

When an industrialist attempts to steer their direction through unchartered region in business, it can stir up a lot of anxiety over the fear of miscarrying on a particular job. Financiers cautiously try to tip toe around or out of a problematic status due to the fear of miscarrying. In today’s civilization, we’re necessity from a very young age expressed the belief that stimulating gaffes is an abominable thing, thus resulting in the unconstructive pressure of trying to achieve a realm of perfection that’s simply not possible.

The way this real-estate mogul deems concepts throws all that type of usual thinking.

Barbara Corcoran, TV personality on ABC’s Shark Tank stopped by #BizChats, Mashable’s business show to share with us five top tips any person needs to know to turn their disappointments into long-term successes.

1. Don’t feel sorry for yourself

Corcoran does: “What a waste of time! I’ve worked with entrepreneurs my entire life. I’ve worked with phenomenal auctions people who constitute$ 3 million a year when the average is stimulating $48,000 a year. I found that the only discrepancies between the really, actually, phenomenal beings and the average joe is they all take a hit hard,( they make accept hard-handed, that’s ordinary human nature) but the really successful beings expend a lot less time feeling sorry themselves.”

2. Have a lower IQ

Corcoran does: “The actually intelligent beings often miscarry from the inactivities of analysis analyzing concepts and actually thoughts extremely deep about ‘what went wrong? ‘, ‘what should I do? ‘ . While they’re doing all that trash, life is going by[ while] you can be on to your next large-hearted thing.”

3. Avoid negative people

Corcoran does: “That’s a returned. You manifest the crowd you’re with.”

4. Trust your instincts

Corcoran does: “If you feel in your instinct that something is not worth doing, and it isn’t underlined with fear as your motivation, probabilities are good that it is necessary to never mistrust your instinct. Your instinct is the mechanism that was given to you to hear the truth of living and in people.

“You start listening to your left hand mentality, which we’re all civilized to do in schools from the time you learn math to the time you graduate from Harvard business school( if you want to go that far and that high-pitched ). People have been trained to use logic. I’m just not a supporter it and I judge the great majority of entrepreneurs out there are enormously instinctive and trust their abilities on people.”

5. Person out what you do well

Corcoran: “A lot of beings think you have to do a little bit of everything i’m just not a supporter in it. If you look at every successful person[ in] every walk of life,( and i’m not just talking about business) you’ll should be noted that they have sure-fire offerings that they actually have learned how to “blow ones stack”, highlight and use in their every day life.

I happen to know really clearly what my offerings are. I happen to know also what i’m just terrible at, and if you leave the frightful things to grow whatever you’re trying to grow( whether family or business ), used to go and find somebody whose those offerings naturally. I ever surround myself with excellent opposite spouses who have opposite skill sets to me, and you know how freeing that is, to just be able to do exactly what you want to do well, and tell them do what they want to do well? How much better is that than trying to think ‘Oh, I’m miscarrying at this, but i’m good at this, I made a flop on this, but I did this well.’ Why do it? Why not only places great importance on what you do well? Yet most people don’t sit down and analyze what they do well.”

Bonus: How do you find what you do well?

Corcoran does: “Think about what you enjoyed as a kid. People don’t change so much better. Whatever you enjoy as a kid, whoever you two are as a kid, is the closest to who “youve been” are.”

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