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These surfers had no idea there was a shark circling below

Photographer David Finlay was operating his hum and checking out the view at a Kiama beach in Australia on Monday as you do when he noticed something clique below a group of surfers hanging out in the water.

Cue Jaws music.

“There’s a shark right under the surface, ” Finlay can be heard saying in the clip.

The surfers were completely oblivious to what was happening for the purposes of the irrigate. Thankfully, Finlay was there with a birds-eye-view( captured in this pretty magnetizing video) and notified the beach’s lifeguards that there were sharks in the water.

MLB player leaps over catcher to score acrobatic ‘Major League II’ style run

Image: AP/ REX/ Shutterstock

When you’re rounding third toward a catcher waiting for you at home plate, your options are restraint. You can plow into the catcher and attempt to slap the projectile free, risking harm, or you can be labelled out.

Toronto Blue Jays Chris Coghlan elected a third option: flight.

As he neared home after a triple from Kevin Pillar, Coghlan lept into the breath above the catcher, clearing his call out. More impressively: he scored.

Cancer survivor tells date about her prosthetic leg and I’m not crying you’re crying

A cancer survivor shared her moving storey of how she came to embrace her prosthetic leg on world dating see First Dates .

Sarah, 21, was on a year with Phil, who lost his mum to breast cancer when he was 17, when she talked about her ordeal of dating after having her leg severed. “When I first ran dating, I had my leg flooded up so that the chaps I went on dates with couldn’t should be noted that I had my leg severed, ” Sarah said.

“Now, I’ve decided to get my leg out and uncover it, so they can see and it’s there and it’s out in the open, ” she continued. Sarah and Phil’s date ran truly, truly well, and they both confessed in one another about coming to calls with their respective experiences.

Viewers took to Twitter to share how moved the latter are by the couple. “Properly weeping at Sarah and Phil, ” wrote one person.

“You’re a beautiful daughter. And I’ve got total appreciation for you, ” Phil said. Sarah says her date with Phil stirred her realise “theres” “different chaps out there” who’ve been through different things, and have more to give.

Spoiler alert: at the end of the year, First Dates revealedthat Sarah and Phil are “officially an item.”

Brb, sobbing!

This puzzle box seems impossible, but there is a solution

The impossible box gets its mention because, at a glance, it looks like an impossible innovation. With a dove fanny brace fastening two sections of wood on each side, the box seemingly shouldn’t even exist.

Thankfully, YouTuber Mr. Puzzle shows us the ins and outs of the dilemma, but even after the rationalization, you still is a possibility scratching your head.

Dude teases a lion and quickly learns that is a terrible idea

It’s maybe not a good project to tease events that are perfectly capable of chewing you.

A man spotted an Asiatic lion in the Gir Forest National Park in India and got a little too wrapped up in watching the emperor of the jungle. In the excerpt, released in September of 2016, “the mens” drives time a few feet away from a lion sauntering alongside the road. He’s filming the whole happen, with his window down , no less.

After taunting the lion with his automobile for a little bit, the lion stops, stares at the man and lets out the tiniest, yet powerful gales. While the lion’s acts were small, it was enough to freak out “the mens”. He abruptly rolled up his window and let on a screaming that seems to say, “OMG I’m I virtually just died.”

Seriously, turn your phone up, it’s worth a listen.

While seeing a lion in the mad is punishment, stalking it with your automobile with your openings down is a terrible idea.

[ h/ t: Reddit]

Guy tests Starbucks baristas’ tempers with an array of strange vessels for coffee

This guy is probably a barista’s bad nightmare.

In a now-viral stunt, a columnist in China has substantiated his attempts to troll Starbucks baristas, by making an regalium of odd receptacles to the coffee joint in place of a takeaway mug.

Image: Wechat

The man, who goes by the pen name Zha Bao, posted his adventures on WeChat , which were quickly circulated.

He produced the strange receptacles to a Hangzhou Starbucks for the coffee giant’s 3 yuan ($ 0.44) rebate offered to patrons making their own cups.

The discount last-places for the whole of April, according to this affix by Starbucks Zhejiang.

Image: Starbucks/ Wechat

First, he produced a small Chinese teapot 😛 TAGEND

This small teapot could have been brace half a towering iced latte.

Image: Wechat

The size of the receptacles get progressively large, as Zha Bao presents a vinegar bottle and a Chinese drug pot.

That bottle used to contain* vinegar *.

Image: Wechat

This took 3 venti matcha frappucinos to fill.

Image: wechat

Finally, he brings out the grand finale a big hulking metal bowl 😛 TAGEND

Image: Wechat

Amazingly, baristas didn’t seem to at-bat an eyelid.

Zha Bao said that the large Chinese drug toilet was filled with 3 Venti-sized matcha frappucinos worth 102 yuan ($ 14.82 ), while the vinegar bottle was filled with a Venti iced lemon tea.

The basin objective up deeming eight Venti-sized lattes, or 5,678 ml( 192 flowing ounces) of coffee.


“Figuring out how to do this, ” the caption says.


Note the inspect of consternation.

Image: Wechat

Image: Wechat

The eventual latte, which had 35 kills of espresso, expensed him 327 yuan ($ 47.51 ).

It even derived with latte art.

Image: Wechat

The Seattle coffee chain faced a similar trouble in the U.S. 3 years ago, when clients attempted to prescribe prodigious imbibes for free as part of their Gold membership loyalty program. The corporation has since emphasised that drinks should not be larger than 24 oz. for freezing imbibes, and 20 oz. for sizzling drinks.

WATCH: Woman exercises Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino to spread some magical report to her husband

Here’s how you can write songs like Nickelback and become a joke in the music industry

YouTuber John Fassold, the mastermind that broke the formula for how every Chainsmokers song is written, is back after receiving millions of requests to give Nickelback( save us) the same treatment.

So the poor mortal did, listening to four Nickelback recordings straight-from-the-shoulder through as research. After this self-imposed torture, Fassold dedicates us his formula to sound like Nickelback, in case you ever wishes to ruffle everyone in a area all at once.

Unsurprisingly, the keys to attracting off Nickelback are to choose the most boring drumbeat you can find, a generic riff, and then call a spokesperson that sounds like “you have really bad indigestion.” Sounds about right.

Florida driver’s unique method for towing a boat will make you say ‘WTF’

Only in Florida.

Kenneth Keegan was driving with his two friends in Hudson, Florida on Sunday when they stumbled upon a little bit of a perilous situation. Instead of hauling a barge with a trailer, this motorist plopped their barge onto an overloaded cargo trailer with only a few buckles arbitrarily propping the barge in place.

“What the inferno, ” someone can be heard saying in the clip, shocked at the stupidity.

Just imagine if the SUV was forced to stop or rotate immediately to avoid an accident.

This dating app is launching an advice site based on what’s worked for their users

IRL is a new dating suggestion locate from Hinge .

Image: hinge

Dating apps have a crapload of data on their users, and they know exactly what works and doesnt. So why not use that to help us out?

Thats the proposition behind IRL, a brand-new digital periodical thats propelling today from dating app Hinge. The locate will be updated daily with suggestion that depicts on data they’ve collected over the years. So mostly we are in a position read what’s worked for other parties, and perhaps this whole event will get a little easier and less awkward.

So, are there really fairly burning questions to ga an part locate every day? Hahahaha, of course there are.

Justin McLeod, Hinge’s founder& CEO, told Mashable, Our Member Experience team always receives emails from members asking for a wide-range of dating app suggestion. He said it was clear that singles wanted a safe cavity to question dating app related questions and receive dependable, data-backed advice.

Its up to Molly Fedick, IRLs Editor in Chief, to give it to them.

She told us that dating apps present, a unique adjust of difficulties( Googling potential marriages, requesting brand-new marriages if they’ve removed their apps, etc .). She said the mission of the locate is to provide solutions to those problems, so that their users seem, self-confident and in control of their dating lives.”

Thats a big promise have you ever in their own lives felt that road about your dating life? but Fedick does its all part of an effort, to accompany those discussions about these digital dating quandary beyond the brunch counter and into the mainstream. Topics as yet include, “How Do I Avoid Men Who Are ‘Experimenting, ‘ But Still Closeted ?” and “My Friend and I Joined With the Same Guy. Who ‘Gets’ Him ?

Image: hinge

At the moment, IRL has six different columnists addressing our numerous quandary. They include a dating tutor, a gender scribe and coach, and even a “Corporate Bro.” They’ve purposefully banked parties with diverse backgrounds to speak to the broad range of people who rely on apps to find love.

Hinge isnt the first app to dig into their used data and try to offer advice. Tinder, after all, hires an in-house sociologist to do that very thing, though theyre often cagey about exhausting actual hard data. Other apps furnish various novel amenities to their members, too. Heck, Grindr has a poet in residence.

Still, this is an specially ambitious and transparent endeavour by Hinge. McLeod told us that openness was intentional: If we have data that will help our members find person large and move happenings offline as soon as possible, we of course want to share that message. And, of course, Hinge stands to benefit from more successful, more engaged users too.

There’s too the issue of whether all the data that Hinge has on its users will too be applicable to those who are also swiping around on their adversaries. Fedick says they realize that parties date on many different apps, and theyre cool with that.

She reflects the content will be helpful to anyone who’s looking to find the accord of their dreamings, saying, Many of the issues we’re tackling are universal to dating apps in general. Happenings like dating app communications stalling, or being unsure of how many parties your accord is talking to.

So will this be the thing that changes your dating game for good? It’s surely not going to hurt, and let’s face it: any little line you can buy yourself helps.

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Twitter absolutely despises these clear plastic jeans

Topshop just keeps wanting to make clear plastic jeans happen.

A mere matter of weeks after Topshop brought “Clear Knee Mom Jeans” into the world complete with transparent plastic knee patches the retailer’s gone and done it again. Topshop is now selling pairs of completely see-through plastic jeans at 55 ($70) a pop. And it’s safe to say the internet is having absolutely none of it.

“Think outside the box with these out-of-the-ordinary clear plastic jeans guaranteed to get people talking,” reads a product description of the rather unconventional “jeans”. According to Topshop, the jeans are a “straight leg cut” featuring “classic pockets detailing.”

“Ideal as a statement piece for a festival or costume party, take the look to the extreme with a bikini and sequin jacket or dress down, layered under an oversized jumper or asymmetric hem dress,” suggests Topshop.

You can always rely on Twitter to call BS on strange and highly unnecessary new trends.

One concerned person asked Topshop if it was feeling OK.

While another made use of the glorious evil Kermit meme to point out that Topshop hasn’t learned its lesson after the clear knee jeans.

Of course, some people pointed out one major flaw in the jeans, which will be less than ideal as we enter the warmer months.

One person said that even quirky fashionista Carrie Bradshaw wouldn’t go near these jeans.

One person felt the jeans weren’t a positive step in the reduction of plastic consumption.

And, one person was just completely and utterly done.

Topshop didn’t immediately respond to Mashable’s request for comment.

So, the verdict’s in: jeans and plastic just don’t mix. Sorry Topshop.

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