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Cancer survivor tells date about her prosthetic leg and I’m not crying you’re crying

A cancer survivor shared her moving storey of how she came to embrace her prosthetic leg on world dating see First Dates .

Sarah, 21, was on a year with Phil, who lost his mum to breast cancer when he was 17, when she talked about her ordeal of dating after having her leg severed. “When I first ran dating, I had my leg flooded up so that the chaps I went on dates with couldn’t should be noted that I had my leg severed, ” Sarah said.

“Now, I’ve decided to get my leg out and uncover it, so they can see and it’s there and it’s out in the open, ” she continued. Sarah and Phil’s date ran truly, truly well, and they both confessed in one another about coming to calls with their respective experiences.

Viewers took to Twitter to share how moved the latter are by the couple. “Properly weeping at Sarah and Phil, ” wrote one person.

“You’re a beautiful daughter. And I’ve got total appreciation for you, ” Phil said. Sarah says her date with Phil stirred her realise “theres” “different chaps out there” who’ve been through different things, and have more to give.

Spoiler alert: at the end of the year, First Dates revealedthat Sarah and Phil are “officially an item.”

Brb, sobbing!

Stephen Colbert says Bill O’Reilly’s novel lightly foreshadowed his fall at Fox

On Thursday’s Late Show , Stephen Colbert did a bit of delving into Bill O’Reilly’s past following information that the television host is out at Fox News. Naturally, Colbert turned to O’Reilly’s 1998 story Those Who Trespass as did the New Yorker , earlier that day for insight 😛 TAGEND

“It’s a story, and the primary reputation is a sassy Tv columnist reputation Shannon Michaels who is fuelled from his structure information position and in this actual area O’Reilly explains how he administers it 😛 TAGEND

‘His career was different sources of his feelings of supremacy and grandiosity. His Tv position caused him daily self-esteem joy and excitement…it reinforced his opinion that he was a very special human being. He got the attention he prayed, the admiration of thousands.

Being on Tv was like a drug to him and when it was removed from him, he had to find a substitute drug…Planning and carrying on business as the executions of those people who had humbled him.'”

Hm, who does that definitely sounds like?

O’Reilly “losing ones” position after the New York Times revealed that 21 st Century Fox paid out about $13 million in settlements to women who say the television host sexually bothered them.

The tiny clue you probably missed in this new ‘Game of Thrones’ photo

That’s a neat seeming sword, Jamie. Where did you get it ?

Image: hbo/ mashable composite

When it comes to brand-new Game of Thrones promos, terrifyingly in-depth analysis is pretty much a long-standing tradition.

Costumes, facial expressions, writing in the hunt for sweet, sugared clues , no item can be left unexamined.

After the last Season 7 video tease person even analysed the thoughtfulness in the eye of a White Walker. If that isn’t dedication then sincerely we don’t know what is.

The latest cause of Season 7 photos are no exception. After the way things were left with Cersei and Jamie at the end of Season 6 there’s plenty you are able read into the likenes below of them side-by-side.

But there’s one detail in particular we wanted to draw your attention to.

That glistening hilt looks sort of familiar, doesn’t it?

Image: hbo/ mashable composite

Yep: as eagle-eyed Redditor xpbso pointed out, that sword looks familiar.

Let’s go in for a close up 😛 TAGEND

Recognise it yet?

Image: hbo/ mashable composite

It’s a bit blurry, but you can clearly do it the crimson pearl and the golden ensembles that clique the hilt.

And unless we’re wildly unfounded, that isn’t precisely any aged sword we’ve considered it before 😛 TAGEND

The shape, the crimson pearl and the gold ensembles are all the same.

Image: hbo

That last screenshot is from Joffrey’s wedding day in Season 4, and the sword is Widow’s Wail the Valyrian forged blade he uses to hack up the book Tyrion demonstrates him as a gift. Harmonizing to its Wikipedia fandom page, that sword hasn’t been considered since Joffrey’s death.

So why is it substantial?

Well by now HBO knows the extent to which we pick these promos apart. Surely no item, nonetheless small-scale, realise it into the promotional material by accident.

So here’s what we’ve get: Jamie standing next to Cersei with a hard-to-fathom showing on his appearance, in belonging of a blade which hasn’t been considered for two seasons, which just so happen to be referred “Widow’s Wail”.

An early clue that he’ll be able to use that sword to bring about Cersei’s demise? We’ll have to wait and see…

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Celebrate 420 by watching the ‘Broad City’ babes hold a ~magical~ smoke sesh

It’s the happiest hour of its first year.

And don’t Broad City courages Abbi and Ilana know it. The known weed barbarians and best friends forever easy fan’s between-season retirements on Thursday. The show’s IRL pioneers and stellars, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, released a special “Hack into Broad City” Facebook video to celebrate stoners’ favourite date.

And things got pretty magical. Ilana ousted her diffuser’s indispensable lubricants with vape oil and the pair pretend to vape and pass, via Skype, as is their beloved tradition.

Except this time, it actually cultivates! Either that, or they’re so high, they fantasized a second hose into existence.

Happy holi-daze!

Check out both Harry Styles performances from this week’s ‘SNL’

One Direction star-turned-solo singer and Mick Jagger lookalike Harry Styles introduced the world to a brand new carol in his April 15 expression on Saturday Night Live .

“Ever Since New York” is the second track we’ve listened so far off of Styles forthcoming solo introduction. He too dallied the other one “Sign of the Times” released one week ago as the single.

The 10 -song self-titled album will be out on May 12. Check out “Sign of the Times, ” acted live here for the first time, below.

‘Saturday Night Live’ smacks Pepsi and United Airlines in one sketch

Trigger warning( not really ): you have to experience Jimmy Fallon singing Savage Garden before this sketch gets to the good stuff.

The past 2 week have pictured a duet of news items eclipse even the cruel, horrible , no good, even worse chairmen of Donald J. Trump: Pepsi’s highly questionable “Kendall Jenner cooked society with our soda” commercial and United Airlines’ reprehensible steps taken to “re-accommodate” a seated passenger.

This Saturday Night Live representation feelings both of them so perfectly.

Jimmy Fallon pits 1977 John Travolta against 2017 John Travolta on ‘SNL’

The recent “Celebrity Family Feud” on Saturday Night Live is wall to wall with epic parodies. Cecily Strong as Liza. Kate McKinnon as Kristen Stewart. Jimmy Fallon double-dipping as two versions of John Travolta.

But Harry Styles is the winner because SNL abode what the internet once knew: he’s basically Mick Jagger. I necessitate … this might not be the most accurate picture of the Rolling Stones frontman circa 1977, but it’s funny.

Even when the camera’s not instantly on Styles, he’s owning the representation. Search at this. Just look at it. What is he doing ??

Hulus new series is almost too scary to watch

Elisabeth Moss as Offred in "The Handmaid's Tale."
Image: hulu

Warning: This review contains some spoilers about the first three episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale.

In the margins of my copy of The Handmaid’s Tale, high school me scribbled “this is so messed up.”

Fast forward to more than a decade later, and the story penned in 1985 only hit me harder. As I watched the first three episodes of Hulu’s adaptation of the Margaret Atwood novel, the first word I wrote down in my notes was “fuck.”

This is the show that will put Hulu on the map. It has a strong cast (led by Mad Men alum Elisabeth Moss), powerful writing (which is very loyal to the book) and a timely storyline. But the parallels to current events make the show, at times, almost too eerie to watch.

Like Atwood’s book, the 10-episode series, which debuts on Hulu on April 26, takes place in a religious dystopia called Gilead, formed following environmental disasters and plunging birthrates in the U.S.

The totalitarian society, once the U.S., is rooted in twisted religious fundamentalism. It’s a place where women are stripped of their rights, and some the handmaids are subjugated and used only for reproduction, a.k.a. sexual servitude.

Both the book and show follow Offred (Moss), one of the few remaining fertile women who is placed in the Commanders household. It’s horrifying watching Offred reduced to servant life in Gilead but what’s more jarring are her flashbacks to what she and others refer to as “before.”

“Before” looks pretty familiar. Offred was married to man named Luke, best friends with Moira (Samira Wiley) a handmaid who was condemned for being lesbian and living life as a book publisher in Massachusetts.

In flashbacks, the show sprinkles hints of “normal” riddled with warning signs of the world’s demise. In one instance, Offred (then called June) is informed that she and all other women at her workplace are being let go. All women’s bank accounts are also frozen that same day.

“Ladies I have to let you all go, you can’t work here anymore, it’s the law now,” says her boss Roger. “I don’t have a choice. They gave me ten minutes.”

The concept is extreme most dystopias are. But executive producer/writer Bruce Miller did such a good job weaving in Atwood’s imagined world with our own contemporary society that it feels like it could be real.

We were working on this project before the primaries even begun, and through the election, it just got stranger and stranger.”

We were working on this project before the primaries even begun, and through the election, it just got stranger and stranger,” Miller said at a recent event.

One of Miller’s most distinct choices for the show was to have Moss do voiceovers for Offred, a device not used in the 1990 film adaption starring Natasha Richardson and Faye Dunaway.

Voiceovers, when done poorly, can seem tacky and unnecessary. In this show, they are anything but. They’re instead a way for Moss to hold viewers’ hands and walk them through the twisted world of Gilead.

The tactic allows viewers to get past what Offred’s allowed to show on her face and really understand what she’s thinking and feeling.

With or without voiceovers, Moss is perfect in the role as a powerful woman fighting to survive and ultimately reunite with her daughter from “before.”

Image: hulu

The rest of the cast which includes Wiley, Alexis Bledel, Joseph Fiennes, Yvonne Strahovski, Max Minghella and Madeline Brewer is equally strong.

Even Bledel who it’s hard not to typecast as annoying Rory Gilmore shines as Ofglen, a fellow handmaid and Offred’s shopping partner.

While Offred at first rejects Ofglen as pious, it is later revealed that Ofglen is actually a member of a resistance group. She was a professor “before” and gay which in Gilead is referred to as being a “gender traitor.”

Usually Bledel is not the strongest actress and the characters she plays tend to be meek. In this show, however, her portrayal of Ofglen brought me to tears.

Alexis Bledel as Ofglen.

Image: hulu

Timeliness also plays in Hulu’s favor. This is the year that Homeland and The Americans became more popular than ever, as the topics they tackle hit close to home during the Trump Administration.

It’s impossible to watch The Handmaid’s Tale in 2017 and not think about the divided world we live in, and the rapid pace at which it seems to be changing.

“When they slaughtered congress, we didnt wake up. When they blamed terrorists and suspended the Constitution, we didnt wake up either,” Offred says in a voiceover. “They said it would be temporary, nothing changes instantaneously. In a gradually heating bath tub youd be boiled to death before you knew it.”

In the pilot, Aunt Lydia the woman in charge of training the handmaids says to the group of women: “Ordinary is just what you are used to. This will be come ordinary.”

Her words echo the fear of those who worry that the media is “normalizing” Trump’s “Make America Great Again” vision, which has so far has targeted women, immigrants and the environment, to name a few.

If anything, The Handmaid’s Tale is a reminder that, as Offred tells the Commander, “better never means better for everyone.” It’s a terrifying and all too timely wake-up call.

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What GLAAD does to support transgender people who are publicly outed

Zeke Smith sits at his tribe’s clique during Survivor: Play Changers .

Image: Timothy Kuratek/ CBS Entertainment

Those who watched the moment Survivor entrant Zeke Smith was outed as a transgender serviceman on national television this week won’t soon forget his expression.

As his tribe teammates reacted with vocal outrage when entrant Jeff Varner outed him, Smith abode perfectly still with wide-eyed, uneasily altering sees. He eventually separated, scrunching his face in perceptible misery, when Varner announced Smith’s decision not to disclose his gender autobiography a “deception.”

“I remember walking into Tribal Council that night, ” Smith wrote in an op-ed published in The Hollywood Reporter , immediately after the occurrence aired Wednesday. “I remember the smell of the kerosene in our kindles. I remember the smug grin on his appearance and the light in his eye where reference is turning now to me and snarled, ‘Why haven’t you told anyone that you’re transgender? ‘”

Smith said he wanted to run, but knew cameras include the following. There was no elude that instant of being outed to his tribe or the fact that he would be outed to millions of Survivor spectators nine a few months later, when the occurrence eventually aired.

Social media useds have described the moment as “sickening, ” “evil, ” and “horrifying.” Some have even questioned who is truly held liable for outing Smith on their own nationals scale, enunciating CBS had a choice to run the deeply personal instant and decided to run with it for ratings. Smith, after all, said he’s not “wild” about the public knowing his transgender status, preferring to be “casually trans in the same way that Zac Efron is casually Jewish.”

“I remember the smug grin on his appearance and the light in his eye where reference is turning now to me and snarled, ‘Why haven’t you told anyone that you’re transgender? ‘”

“A person’s gender history is private information and it is up to them, and exclusively them, when, how, and to whom they choose to disclose that message, ” Smith wrote in THR .

But now the world does know Smith’s gender history, regardless of his bids. But he’s had support and preparation to deal with the moment and that’s where GLAAD comes in.

GLAAD, the leading LGBTQ media advocacy company, cooperated closely with Smith and CBS since November to make sure the moment was addressed with the more sensitive action possible, and that Smith’s “wishes and borders were respected.” That included opening Smith the chance to speak to media in the immediate the consequences of the occurrence, although there are players are often barred from doing so.

“I had numerous, numerous phone calls, fits and lunches with Smith on both coasts to time talk through some best rehearsals for being transgender in the public eye, ” spoke Nick Adams, director of transgender media at GLAAD. “I wanted to talk to him about all of the different aspects of this, from being outed against your will in such a public action to also the understanding that this could be an educational moment.”

Adams spoke GLAAD sacrificed Smith tips-off on beliefs he might encounter, how to curb invasive interrogates people may ask, and other types of basic media learn. It’s work GLAAD often does, working with public figures like The Matrix director Lily Wachowski, who was forced to come out as transgender after a British tabloid would be in danger of out her in early 2016.

GLAAD has been supporting people in the public eye who come out by force, like Smith and Wachowski, and by choice for more than 30 years. The company was founded in response to the insulting and sensationalized media coverage of the AIDS crisis of the 1980 s. Since then, GLAAD has helped wizards like Chaz Bono and Caitlyn Jenner come out as trans publicly, and ensure media coverage of their stories is sensitive and inclusive.

But Adams said this instance of outing is the most public outing he’s discovered on a broadcast network.

I think he hoped others would believe that trans people are dangerous and fraudulent.”

GLAAD has wasted several decades trying to fight against the reason Varner sacrificed for outing Smith that, somehow, for withholding his transgender status, he is a deceitful being. The plan that trans people are “deceptive” mischaracterizes them as villainous and storytellers. Not exclusively does it belittle their identities, but it applies them at incredible threat of discrimination and assault.

I think he hoped others would believe that trans people are dangerous and sham, ” Smith told People , be submitted to Varner. “That concluding is infinitely worse than him outing me, because it’s the same one used to discriminate against, attempt, and slaying trans people. What’s huge is that nobody bought it.”

Adams said it was “painful” to see Varner to use that rational when outing Smith. Though the moment happened in the isolated world of actuality TV, the real world inferences of disclosing a transgender person’s gender autobiography can have life-altering inferences. That’s true-blue for trans beings like Smith, but outing for the purposes of the semblance of “deception” specially affects transgender women.

“In the worst case scenario, specially when transgender gals are seen as being deceitful, that can lead to brutality or slaying, ” Adams spoke. “Very often the justification leaved for those working acts of violence are that the person was tricked or fooled by this transgender being, which is absolutely not true.”

Image: Jeffrey Neira/ CBS Entertainment

Smith, who has been on Survivor for two seasons, played as an out lesbian serviceman, but chose not to disclose his transgender status to his tribe teammates or Survivor spectators. When please explain why he chose to disclose one identity within the LGBTQ community but not another, Smith pointed to the obsession non-trans people often have with trans lives. He spoke often people react with sadnes or indignation and that neither action works for him.

Im not ashamed of being trans, but I didnt want that to be my story.

“I’m not ashamed of being trans, but I didnt want that to be my narration, Smith told People . “I just wanted to go out on an adventure and play a great play. I just wanted to be known for my game.”

Notably, Varner the man who outed Smith is a gay man, evidencing a disconnect within the LGBTQ community, and the misunderstanding of transgender identity by people with queered virilities. Coming out ordeals are not universal, specially when came to see you as faggot versus came to see you as trans.

“Your sex direction is a very public stuff, ” Adams clarified. “It’s about who you enjoy. It’s about who you walk down the street with accommodating hands. It’s about who you invest the rest of their own lives with.

“But your gender autobiography after you transitioned and if “youve had” special privileges of not being instantly read as trans by others, is a private stuff for numerous people because when you are seen as your authentic ego, that’s whom you. There’s nothing to come out about, ” he said.

Viewers, then, should watch the intently personal Survivor instant knowing that it’s a few moments they don’t have any right to receive. But, after watching, Adams said he hopes spectators listen to the reaction of Smith’s tribe teammates and listen to Smith’s own messages in the moment.

“If people see something similar to this going on in their personal life, I hope they remember of the Nuku Tribe reacted, ” Adams spoke. “I hope they will speak out and be allies to transgender people who are being treated like this.”

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Doug the Pug is a nerd we would absolutely pet in ‘The Big Pug Theory’

Sorry, Big Bang Theory: You may have won innumerable Emmy gifts, but there’s a brand-new nerd in town.

His name is Doug the Pug .

In the brand-new mock video The Big Pug Theory , internet superstar Doug the Pug demo just what would happen if he played every single reference in the ever-popular, long-running sitcom about morons and quantum physics.

Turns out Doug the Pug’s got some serious behaving chops.

But don’t worry, the original shed of The Big Bang Theory doesn’t judgment being replacedthe spoof has been completely endorsed both the reveal and lead performer Jim Parsons.

Me and @missmayim with the excellent @itsdougthepug

A post shared by Jim Parsons (@ therealjimparsons) on

That’s right, Doug the Pug got a chance to shoot his latest video on the actual organize of The Big Bang Theory. He likewise had a chance to sniff the shed of the reveal while he was there. As one should.

Doug’s owner Leslie Mosier told us, “We were contacted out to by someone at Warner Bros. who indicated that they are big-hearted love of Doug and for us to cause them know if we were ever in LA so he could check out some of the determines they have on their slew, ” she said.

Image: leslie mosier

“I mentioned to him that we had been was intended to do a Big Bang Theory spoof for a long time, ” she remarked, “and when he found that out, he managed to get us clearance to cinema on the organize and congregate the shed! “

Usually they were required to spend time constructing the determines seen in Doug’s videos, but being able to use the real-life organize of the reveal made the video to the next level. As for Doug, it seems he took to the Hollywood life very easily.

“Doug did an incredible job on the organize, ” Mosier remarked. “The cast was so nice and so excited to encounter Doug. Many of them affixed photos with him on their Instagrams! “

We’ll see you on the red carpet, Doug!

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