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Stephen Colbert and ‘Stephen Colbert’ bid farewell to ‘landfill of angry garbage’ Bill O’Reilly

On Wednesday night, two Stephen Colberts said their goodbyes to disgraced republican talking head Bill O’Reilly: the Stephen Colbert who currently hosts the Late Show, and the “Stephen Colbert”( mainly based on O’Reilly) who used to host The Colbert Report .

The goodbyes were pretty different. Here’s a inkling: one Colbert called O’Reilly “Papa Bear” and the other called him a “self-righteous landfill of incensed garbage.”

The latter certainly rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it?

Colbert thinks his right-winged persona ‘Tuck Buckford’ inspired fellow ‘performance artist’ Alex Jones

InfoWars radio prove emcee Alex Jones is in a imprisonment duel at the moment, but his lawyer might have just the claim to get his children back.

His lawyer is now claiming that Alex Jones is “playing a character” and “is a performance artist.”

The Late Show emcee Stephen Colbert isn’t quite convinced this is fields for having brats, but he does feel for him. He, for a term, also represented a sarcastic right-winged person. The one, the only…

Tuck Buckford .

Watch as Colbert relives the good ‘ol eras with a clip of Brain Fight with Tuck Buckford, which most likely( clearly) caused Jones’ “performance art.”

Stephen Colbert takes a break from roasting Trump to roast Eric and Don, Jr.

Stephen Colbert spends a lot of meter skewering Donald Trump. And he should! But, to ring in the weekend on Friday’s Late Show , he thought he’d instead roasted Trump’s lads/ archetypal movie cronies Eric and Don, Jr .

Luckily, there was much Colbert to discuss, like little Donald’s potential run for governor of New York, for example, and Eric’s miraculous assertion that nepotism is “kind of a factor of life.”

Colbert too delivered a great brand-new word: “richmansplain.” Here, let’s exert it in a convict: Eric, could you richmansplain whether you are steal lemonade from In-N-Out?

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Stephen Colbert shares his moving Don Rickles story

Stephen Colbert opened up last-place night’s Late Show by recollecting slapstick myth Don Rickles, who diedThursday at persons under the age of 90.

Colbert goes onto say how he never actually knew the late jester, but shares a impressive story about the only experience he was never congregated him. Colbert said Rickles hugged him backstage at the Emmys “and told me I was ‘good.’ And I felt like a originated mortal. Because we all should have his job and be who he was married to his wife, I dont know, 120 times? Something like that. So, God bless you Don Rickles and thank you.”

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