These surfers had no idea there was a shark circling below

Photographer David Finlay was operating his hum and checking out the view at a Kiama beach in Australia on Monday as you do when he noticed something clique below a group of surfers hanging out in the water.

Cue Jaws music.

“There’s a shark right under the surface, ” Finlay can be heard saying in the clip.

The surfers were completely oblivious to what was happening for the purposes of the irrigate. Thankfully, Finlay was there with a birds-eye-view( captured in this pretty magnetizing video) and notified the beach’s lifeguards that there were sharks in the water.

General election 2017: Labour leader a ‘mugwump’, says Johnson – BBC News

Image copyright PA, AFP

Boris Johnson has used his first intervention in the election campaign to mount the Conservatives’ most personal attack yet on Jeremy Corbyn.

Writing in The Sun, the foreign secretary accused the Labour leader of being a threat to the UK and described him as a “mutton-headed old mugwump”.

He accused Mr Corbyn of being reluctant to use lethal force, opposing nuclear weapons and campaigning against Nato.

Labour said Mr Johnson was “delusional” and Brexit will hurt the UK’s standing.

The Labour leader has insisted he supports Britain’s armed forces.

In an interview on Sunday, Mr Corbyn said he would not recall 850 British troops sent to Estonia as part of a Nato deployment on Russia’s eastern flank – one of its largest in decades – but also wanted better relations with Moscow.

He said he was opposed to the “first strike” use of nuclear weapons and did not believe the renewal of Trident was a solution to the world’s problems.

Labour, however, has insisted that it remains committed to keeping the UK’s deterrent in its current form and the pledge will be in its manifesto.


Image copyright Reuters

By James Landale, BBC diplomatic correspondent

So far in this election campaign, Boris Johnson has had an unusually low profile.

So low in fact there were claims he had been deliberately sidelined by Downing Street.

Well, not any more.

In a speech in London, the foreign secretary claimed that the leadership of Theresa May would keep Britain safe. And in an article for the Sun, he argued that the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn would not.

This campaign may have many weeks to go but it has already got personal, deliberately so.

In a deeply personal attack on Mr Corbyn, Mr Johnson said people did not realise the “threat” posed by the Labour leader.

“They say to themselves, he may be a mutton-headed old mugwump, but he is probably harmless,” he writes.

Mr Johnson suggested with Mr Corbyn as prime minister, Britain would be ill-equipped to deal with an assertive Russia, North Korea’s “semi-deranged regime” and so-called Islamic State, which he described as “evil Islamist death cult”

“He seems to have no grasp of the need for this country to be strong in the world,” he said.

Framing the election as a straight choice between Mr Corbyn and Theresa May, he said the former would be “calamitous” for Brexit given the confusion in Labour ranks over its policy.

“Corbyn’s approach would be a recipe for paralysis and uncertainty – and for Britain to get totally stiffed in the negotiations.”

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a mugwump as someone who remains aloof or independent, especially politically.

‘Out of hiding’

In a more restrained speech to foreign diplomats in London on Wednesday, he said the Conservative government was committed to “upholding the country’s values and strengthening Britain’s national interests” around the world.

Image caption The shadow foreign secretary said Mr Johnson was talking “delusional nonsense”

The snap election on 8 June, he believed, would be a “source of continuity, certainty and stability”.

Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry said Mr Johnson – a key figure in the Vote Leave campaign in the EU referendum – had played his part in the “greatest diminution of British influence on the world stage in a generation”.

“It seems Boris Johnson has finally been allowed out of hiding, on the condition he only talks delusional nonsense.

“He talks up a fantastical vision of Britain as a global trading nation, yet he and Theresa May are putting at risk our trade with the EU – by far our largest trade partner – by threatening an extreme Brexit where we crash out on WTO terms.”

“With his crass and offensive remarks Boris Johnson has single-handedly damaged Britain’s chances of getting a good deal with the EU.”

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Automotive News says the Dodge Demon should be banned

Trade publication Automotive News has called for the new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon to be banned in a scathing editorial regarding the muscle vehicle named Keep the Dodge Demon off our superhighways.

The outlet called the 808 hp Demon inherently dangerous to the common security of motorists, even while declaring there are other more powerful, and even faster vehicles can be found at other automakers that are rightly street legal.

The Demon was designed to be the quickest car in the world, and it has several drag racing-style pieces ever been offered on a factory yield vehicle, including a transmission restraint and a standard provide of lag radials, which have the minimum quantity of step to be approved for street use by the DOT.

The car exclusively sends with a drivers bench and can run on 100 octane scoot gas with a factory upgrade that comes with a assurance and bumps its strength up to 840 hp. The Wizard quarter-mile action of 9.65 seconds at 140 mph means that it requires a bun cage to be used on a lag row if its owner actually has the intention to drive it that quickly.

The editorial says that the Demon is the result of a sequence of misguided corporate selects that homes bragging claims ahead of public security, and that it spittings on the industrys goal of improving safety while deliberately situating motorists in danger. It goes on to quote Ralph Nader and exclaim the Demon unsafe at any speed.

Dodge has not commented on the editorial.

The accusations are manufacture despite the fact that no one on staff members of Automotive News has yet driven the car, and the case doesn’t mention Sidesteps assertion that the Demon isnt merely a drag racer. Its braking and roadholding abilities are far superior to most autoes on the road today, according to Dodge brand boss Tim Kuniskis, who says that it has capacities necessary to gather a supercar-like 1.00 g on the skidpad and come to a stop from 60 mph in less than 100 hoofs, a accomplishment that very few autoes in the world can achieve.

( Update: Automotive News’ enthusiast-focused sister publication, Autoweek, has published its own editorial saying that it expects the Demon to be “plenty safe when used responsibly.”)

The Demon is based on the 707 hp Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, which was expected to be a low-grade volume, limited copy niche vehicle, but turned out to be a amaze hit for the label. Dodge has been selling more than twice as much as it expected to when it articulated it on sale in 2015, and has since expanded the fact that there are the Hellcat engine to the Charger sedan and upcoming Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

The Demon will only be offered for the 2018 simulation time. Just 3,000 are planned to be built for the U.S. sell, with an additional 300 slated for Canada.

Autistic Son Has Meltdown in Cracker BarrelThen Mom Finds a Note in Her To-Go Bag

Going out to eat with the family is never a simple taskespecially when you have a child with autism.

Jamie Heustess knows the struggle all too well.

Jamie Matthews Heustess

Her son, Ian, has autism, and after a long date of socially-stimulating pleasures, their banquet at Cracker Barrel left this mummy nearing the end of her tether. But it was the kindness of a stranger that made Jamies stressful place and soured it into a few moments she never wants to forget.

The mother from Georgia shared its own experience on Facebook writing, I had a good exclaim walking out of our neighbourhood Cracker Barrel in Pooler, GA.

She excuses the difficulties of eating out with a child who has autism mentioning, It is truly hit or missmost daytimes we do OK.

Her husband Chris left the restaurant with Ian before their waitress came back to the table and asked if they were ordering.

This was probably her 5th or 6th go stopping by the tableI said yes, a to-go fiat, just for me. She asked if my husband or son demanded anything and I announced no, my husband made our lad residence to shorten stimuli around him. I told her Ian was autistic and had had a long date, accolades, karate, Wal-Mart His breaking point was the Nemo/ Dory toy-that was neither of those courages .

Jamie Matthews Heustess

By this time I was hollering and having a moment , not because I was flustered that my lad is autistic, but because he is a good girl and I didnt demand anyone to think he was just a spoiled girl being a terror .

Jamie speaks the waitress was gracious and sugared, and told her that removed get her fiat taken care of quickly. She waited for about 15 minutes before the server “re coming out” with her baggage of dinner.

She smiled and told me that my dinner had been taken care of , no is necessary to payment. I started crying all over again. I asked if she was sure and she reassured me “its been” taken care of , not to worry. I hollered walking out, sure the other customers and employees design I was crazy. There was a piece of paper stapled to my baggage, I thought it was the it was something far more prized. In the midst of my own meltdown she reached out with messages of backing and a kind middle

Jamie Matthews Heustess

The note read:

Young children is astounding momma. Be strong, keep your head up. You are doing a good job. Have a great night. Your server, Kailyn

After her upright captivated the hearts of thousands across the Internet, Jamie learned that the kindness she was shown was a the cooperation between Kailyn and her overseer, James.

It turns out that Kailyn had offered to pay for Jamies dinner but didnt have enough tips to cover it just yetthough she was sure removed have enough following the completion of her shift.

When James did you hear what Kailyn wanted to do for her purchaser, he took care of the statute instead. Jamie speaks the waitress left her with the words that every mummy needs to hear.

My indicate from Kailyn is now hanging on my fridge, for those working minutes I need to be reminded of the kindness of strangers .

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7 Crucial Skills That Will Help You Land That Corner Office

This case was written by the people who move the Cracked Store to tell you about concoctions that are being sold there .

Getting a solid errand nowadays is a crapshoot. We’re constantly told things like “Just do what you’re passionate about, and things will allllllll work out, mortal! ” or “Stay in clas! Beings love to know that you deplete your 20 s examining 19 th-century British fiction.” But neither of these is a surefire method. The true is, existing in our ever-shrinking labour market represents evolving to parallel its requirements. So it certainly wouldn’t hurt to take a look at one of these supportive online professional courses.( And the Cracked Dispensary !)

A mug with a mugshot is ingenious, but a beaker with Indiana Jones’ mugshot is unadulterated poetry. Start your date by staring into the very handsome front of hazard, and remember that no matter how bad your job might suck now, at least “youre supposed to” won’t run into any Nazis or snakes.( Justification to all of you snake-wrangling Nazi hunters. We salute you .)

Logan is a major movie, but the deluge of superhero media these days often induces us miss the age when Tim Burton ruled the caped scenery with a Gothic iron fist. What if “hes still” that way? Bask in the interest that is Tim Burton’s X-Men with this coffee beaker. Boasting Helena Bonham Carter as Professor X and Michael Keaton as, well, maybe still Batman.

Nothing gets the body starting and the juices shooting fairly like a warm film of espresso at sunup. Sorry, did we say espresso? We necessitated “hot shot of laser blast.” Pop culture’s greatest reward hunters have merged together to form the eventual predator, and he’s coming after you. You can’t move. You can’t hide. But you can booze coffee from this beaker, and hey, that’s something.

eLearnExcel Microsoft Excel School: Lifetime Subscription

Spreadsheets are more than really inexhaustible canvasses for blocky artwork — some firms wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for Microsoft’s bundle of squares that we know as Excel. And you can learn how to save those firms from bankruptcy with this lifetime subscription to eLearnExcel. Get it here for $39.

Project Management Professional( PMP) Certification Training

For some, leadership rises naturally. Take your William Wallaces, your FDR’s, your Freds from Scooby Doo . They all knew how to properly template a crew. But there’s no reproach in recognizing when you need assistance learning how to be a overseer. Grab this Project Management Professional Certification Training here for $49.99. Because gravely, once you learn how to delegate duties like health professionals, you’ll never “re going to have to” lift a finger again! Think of all the time you’ll have to hope your next step forward the career ladder!

Adobe CC Essentials Training Bundle

If there’s one thing AI can’t supersede, it’s ingenuity( at least for now ). So until the bots start a sugared, sweet improv group, the imaginative artworks is a somewhat safe situate to sharpen your sciences. You can memorize Photoshop to become a professional memesmith, implementation Premier to edit videos for your eating challenge YouTube channel, and aircraft the world’s most needle-moving corporate graphic name with Illustrator. Pick up this Adobe Creative Cloud training bundle for 97 percentage off.

Ethical Hacking Bootcamp

Think of it this way: Learning how to break into computer networks and determine viruses for boring, law-abiding firms is just a stepping stone toward becoming a crime-fighting conceive. And even if you don’t make it as Mr. Robot, you’ll still determine tons and tons of currency along the way. Learn to spoof “ethically” with this online boot camp, available here for $45.

The Swift 3 Master Coder Bundle

Apps are like platforms on personal computers, but smaller, so they fit on your phone! But unless you really stumbled through a term entrance from 1907, “youre supposed to” already knew that. So if you are from 2017, then just know that Apple’s Swift language will teach you how to write all the minuscule system for these minuscule apps. And if you aren’t from 2017, get ready to warp back to your cowboy acquaintances and rave about the splendors of the mystical “Lyft.” Get it here for $36.

Pay What You Miss: 2017 WordPress Hero Bundle

Social media has created an arguably frightful method of communications wherein “theyre saying” much less, but do it considerably faster. WordPress can help you relive the exaltation eras, when people expressed their rulings in paragraphs instead of all-caps detest speech and crotch shootings. WordPress also plays legion to a frightening sum of the areas on the world wide network, making this course all the more crucial. Pay what you require for this WordPress Hero Bundle.

Full-Stack Marketer Bundle

Starting a business can be terrifying, and your immediate impulse might be to buy as countless ads as you can get for best available frequencies that you can get them for. You gotta spend money to make money, right? Well, it turns out that the enterprises is slightly more complicated than anything you can publication on an inspirational poster. If you want to hock wares at light speed, you’re going to have to come schooled on SEO, copywriting, analytics, and email commerce. Become a full-stack purveyor with this packet for $19.

Lead me to riches and exaltation !

Easy, War Boy from Fury Road . Switch it down a notch and we’ll help you out. You can get all of these immense packets, beakers, and more at the Cracked Dispensary and the Cracked Store, really by clicking on the links. But remember, it’s not enough to just take a course and buy a beaker to get hired. You might want to publication out a resume or two, Captain Go-Getter.

Silence of the Lambs director Jonathan Demme dies aged 73

Oscar prevailing film-maker emerged from the American independent situation, and went on to target a cord of major social-issue films

Film director Jonathan Demme, excellent known for The Stillnes of the Lambs and Something Wild, has died at the age of 73. His publicist told Variety that the cause of death was cancer complications.

The Silence of the Lambs, the horror-thriller changed from Thomas Harris novel, was the high point of his vocation as a mainstream film-maker: the movie won five Oscars, including excellent head for Demme, and cleared its central character, Hannibal Lecter, into a household name.

However, it was untypical of Demmes career, both before and after its 1991 liberation. Having spent much of the 1960 s living in London and operating as a music scribe, Demme trimmed his teeth in the no-budget academy of Roger Corman: initially as a scribe, then gaining his first directorial ascribe on the prison flick Caged Heat in 1974.( Its tag line: Womens prison USA Rape Riot and Revenge! White Hot Desires melting freezing prison steel !)

After aiming two other movies for Corman, Demme felt a niche in the burgeoning independent cinema scene with his 1980 movie Melvin and Howard, a slapstick about a former milkman who claims to be the heir of Howard Hughes. Later in the same decade, Demme ended the yuppie-in-peril slapstick Something Wild, which gave Melanie Griffith one of her early successful roles.

The Silence of the Lambs, he mentioned afterwards, was a great delirious appall to everybody concerned, but he appeared to being disquieted by the quarrels that accompanied it, and subsequently has been focused on movies that showed his own politically radical credentials. Philadelphia, which starred Tom Hanks in an Oscar-winning performance and wreaked Aids and lesbian attributes into the mainstream. Meanwhile, Beloved, released in 1998, was an adaptation of Toni Morrisons influential story about slavery.

The Silence Of The Lambs. Picture: Orion Pictures/ Rex/ Shutterstock

Alongside his feature film vocation, Demme pandered a for the strange, the eccentric and the underground. He cleared programmes about Talking Heads( including Stop Making Sense, 1984 ), Neil Young( among them Heart of Gold, 2006) and his progressive clergyman cousin( Cousin Bobby, 1992 ); he filmed Spalding Grays celebrated one-man substantiate Swimming to Cambodia( 1987 ), and shot a profile of US president Jimmy Carter( Man from Plains, 2007 ).

His mainstream film-making made a dip in the 2000 s, after the poorly received remake of Charade, The Truth About Charlie and a new version of The Manchurian Candidate, but he recovered his stature with the wedding comedy-drama Rachel Getting Married and the winsome girl-rocker movie Ricki and the Flash.

Jodie Foster, who won an Oscar for her character in The Stillnes of the Lambs secreted the following statement so early. I am heart-broken to lose a sidekick, a instructor, a chap so singular and dynamic youd “re going to have to” design a hurricane to contain him, it predicted. Jonathan was as quirky as his humors and as deep as his drama. He was pure vigor, the unstoppable cheerleader for anyone creative. Just as fierce about music as he was about artwork, he was and will always be a advocate of the mind. JD, most beloved, something wild, friend of kindnes, head of the lamb. Adore that chap. Love him so much.

Meryl Streep, who made the name part in Ricki and the Flash, too secreted the following statement to pay tribute to A big hearted, big-hearted tent, compassionate subject while Tom Hanks called him the grandest of men.

edgarwright (@ edgarwright)

Very heartbreaking to hear of the proceed of the largest Jonathan Demme. Admired his movies, his programmes, his concert movies. He could do anything.

April 26, 2017

Film-makers such as Edgar Wright and James Wan have also paid tribute to Demme on Twitter, with Wright alleging: Admired his movies, his programmes, his concert movies. He could do anything.

MLB player leaps over catcher to score acrobatic ‘Major League II’ style run

Image: AP/ REX/ Shutterstock

When you’re rounding third toward a catcher waiting for you at home plate, your options are restraint. You can plow into the catcher and attempt to slap the projectile free, risking harm, or you can be labelled out.

Toronto Blue Jays Chris Coghlan elected a third option: flight.

As he neared home after a triple from Kevin Pillar, Coghlan lept into the breath above the catcher, clearing his call out. More impressively: he scored.

‘Call of Duty: WWII’ is making some big changes to the multiplayer you know

Image: sledgehammer tournaments

There’s one thing you’re going to hear over and over in its relationship with Call of Office: WWII ‘s multiplayer suffer: “Boots on the ground.”

The four-word catchphrase refers to the highway WWII deprives out the modern contrivances of most recent tournaments such as booster packs and exoskeletons in favor of more traditional close engagement. It amounts to a simplification: everyone will have an easier term getting a handle on Call of Duty multiplayer in WWII .

Sledgehammer Game focused primarily on the game’s storey mode in its April 26 discover, however did pick up a few points about how PvP war will factor in.

Headquarters is one of the most interesting ideas in the brand-new multiplayer. It is just like Sledgehammer will introduce a brand-new online social room, something Call of Duty hasn’t never seen before. It reminds me of Destiny ‘s Tower, though studio co-founder Michael Condrey pointed instead to another popular recreation during a recent interview.

“We are well aware that gamers today crave a plaza to be social. You can see that in different types of tournaments. To me, some of the high water ratings for that suffer is the cities in World of Warcraft , ” Condrey said.

Image: sledgehammer games

The goal is to give Call of Duty supporters “new ways to engage … and do interesting things” outside of the more familiar engagement arenas.

“I will always remember that first time I went to Orgrimmar in World of Warcraft and “its just” filled with task and beings, and that parish was really powerful, ” Condrey added.

In many practices, Headquarters is an obvious next gradation for Sledgehammer. The studio’s first Call of Duty endeavor 2011 ‘s Modern Warfare 3 , co-developed with Infinity Ward introduced the “Call of Duty Elite” social network. Then, the studio’s solo 2014 recreation ,< em> Advanced Warfare , cause players actually attend and customize their PvP soldier.

“It’s actually been a six-year growth for us, ” Condrey told. “We introduced the virtual foyer in [< em> Advanced Warfare ] to get you your first true-blue component to your Call of Duty avatar. Prior to that, “youve been” didn’t have any representation of yourself.”

Headquarters carries that avatar into a playable virtual room where you can run around and meet up with other players though to what end remains unclear.

“Headquarters for us is a way to generate the community back together and allow them to entertain and recognise[ each other’s achievements] and be rewarded, ” Condrey told. “[ It’s] your ‘off the front line’ suffer as a community.”

There are other brand-new parts in WWII multiplayer as well. Divisions offers a re-thinking of Create–AClass, which in the past countenanced players to tailor their loadouts around whatever weapons, implements, and ability-enhancing Perks they hoped. The details aren’t solely clear, but now you’re selecting a particular specialty, such as infantry, armored, or airborne.

Of course, that doesn’t accurately line up with Call of Duty multiplayer as most is well aware. The serial has brought player-controlled vehicles into PvP before, but the delineates are generally too small by design for that sort of battlefield sprawl. Expecting that’s not changing: what are the benefits of, respond, choosing the airborne fraction when you don’t have fighter planes to hop-skip into?

Image: sledgehammer games

Perhaps we’ll find the answer to that doubt in War, another brand-new PvP wrinkle in WWII . Constructed around “narrative-driven gameplay that expands the multiplayer nature as we know it, ” it sounds like the mode intentionally tips what has traditionally been an even poise between PvP teams.

The example we’re committed is the D-Day assault of Normandy beaches in France. In that situation, Axis forces defend their fixed arrangement with superior firepower while Allied actions rely on their numbers to overwhelm.

More detailed information about War, Divisions, Headquarters, and other multiplayer features in Call of Office: WWII will have to wait. Sledgehammer is holding back any specifics until E3 in June.

WATCH: This kindnes is helping children through video games

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Proton Collisions At CERN Have Shown Unexpected Phenomena

Physicists at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have observed some unusual events in a very rare type of proton collision.

Collisions between protons dont always create the same particles, and in a small number of cases, they can create a large number of uncommon bits of matter. Thats fertile ground to test theories, and physicists were looking for something unexpected. And they foundexactly that.

The team working on the ALICE experiment noticed an increase in particles that have strange quarks, a heavier version of the bottom quark thatis found in both protons and neutrons. This increase was previously detected in the quark-gluon plasma, a state that the LHC obtained by smashing lead nuclei together. But theoretical models didnt expect any rise in strange particles for proton collisions and that makes this a big deal.

We are very excited about this discovery, said Federico Antinori, spokesperson of the ALICE collaboration, in a statement.We are again learning a lot about this primordial state of matter. Being able to isolate the quark-gluon-plasma-like phenomena in a smaller and simpler system, such as the collision between two protons, opens up an entirely new dimension for the study of the properties of the fundamental state that our universe emerged from.

The findings, publishedin Nature Physics,are pretty unusual. The production of these strange particles such as Kaon, Lambda, Xi, and Omega increase with the number of particles produced in a collision, which is known as multiplicity. The higher the multiplicity, the more strange particles detected.

Surprisingly, even though protons have no strange quarks, the collision produced more particles with a higher number of strange quarks than particles with less. And this didnt depend on the energy of the collision or the mass generated.

This discovery opens a new door on quark-gluon plasma, the rare state of matter that existed just after the Big Bang. The extreme conditions necessary to recreate it in the lab allowed physicists to research the strong nuclear force, one of the four fundamental forces of the universe, and possiblyeven discover new and unexpected physics.

content-1493222678-2-aliceimages.jpgParticles with more strange quarks were more likely to be created in the proton collisions. CERN/Jacquemod, Melissa Marie

5 Truly Breathtaking Moments In Celebrity Hypocrisy

Those who razz the most important one ponies generally turn out to repeated the lowest troughs. And who has access to both the most significant equines and the filthiest sewers? Why, fames, of course! We’ve mentioned, on a few occasions, how hypocrisy and notoriety go hand in hand. And it has been a damn good time, so we’ll only impede doing it …


Steve Jobs Blurs The Line Between Innovating And Stealing, Loses His Shit When The Tables Are Moved

Pablo Picasso is widely( and wrongly) attributed as announcing: “Good masters facsimile; “artists ” steal.” But it was affectionately differed Apple founder Steve Jobs who made that shit and passed it into an internet meme.

That’s a youngish Jobs, in what we must admit is a spot-on Ashton Kutcher parody , is not simply invoking that notorious quote, but too going on to say that Apple had “always been shameless about stealing enormous ideas.” And he has a valid point — after all, you can’t patent an suggestion . It’s transforming that suggestion from an unearthly conception into definite actuality that are important. And if that intends “borrowing” notions from Xerox to perfect your nascent graphical user interface, or even outright purchasing yourself some invention when Siri doesn’t outgrow her difficult pubescent chapter quickly enough … well, so be it. Because enormous notions are free( or, forbidding that, purchasable for vast amounts of currency ). Right?

Wrong! Or at the least it is according to a much crankier, older Steve Jobs. As communicated in his authorized 2011 profile( competently named Steve Jobs ), Jobs went straight-up “thermonuclear battle” when Google’s Android portable operating system made a minuscule nibble out of Apple’s market share.

Edslov/ Wiki Commons
“Nobody takes a bite out of Apple, you Eve-ass motherfuckers! ”

“Our lawsuit is saying, ‘Google, you fucking ripped off the iPhone, wholesale ripped us off.’ Grand theft. I will invest my last-place dying breath if I need to, and I will invest every penny of Apple’s $ 40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong. I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen make. I’m willing to go thermonuclear battle on this. They are scared to death, because they know they are guilty.” That quote primarily pronounces for itself, so we’ll only close out this record by misrepresenting another unparalleled innovator: Guilty is as guilty does.


Michael Jordan Fights For Higher Wages As A Player, Fights To Cut Player Salaries As An Owner

The 1998-99 NBA lockout downed nearly half of the basketball season, as squad owners fought to lieu a ceiling on prurient musician salaries — the obscenest of which was Michael Jordan’s, whose cool $30 million per season made him place six-figure gamblings on tournaments of rock-paper-scissors. It goes without saying that Jordan was an advocate of obstructing musician salaries as close to the stratosphere as is practicable. In one Manhattan meeting — attended by more than 100 participates and owners — he famously responded to Wizards owner Abe Pollin’s oppositions with: “If you can’t make it labor economically, you should sell the team.”

Cavic/ Wiki Commons
Jordan then offered to purchase the team with some money in his hair pocket .

As you can probably surmise given the fact that “vintage Air Jordan eBay store owner” is a noble-minded business destination today, both Jordan and the NBA subsisted. It would be the last lockout of its style … until 2011, when NBA team owners’ features once again swelled up from the ever-present thorn of astronomical musician salaries. Now, here’s the spin: By this time, Jordan — one of “the worlds largest” vocal advocates of preserving high-pitched musician salaries during the prior lockout — had withdrawn and become a squad owned himself.

Yumetriz/ Wiki Commons
For real this time, though. Not like when he pretended to like baseball .

So, has become a former musician, Jordan made their feature, right? Nope! Even when the other owners made a final proposal of a 50 -5 0 split of Basketball Related Income( it was 57 -4 3 in favor of the players for the purposes of the earlier agreement ), Jordan remained to his artilleries, insisting that the players’ share should utterly be no higher than 47 percent.( It’s worth noting here that, although 13 times had extended since the previous lockout, the highest-paid musician in the organization was making $25 million per season. An enviable sum, sure, but not exactly rock-paper-scissors money, if you catch our move .) Jordan’s hard posture was likely motivated by the fact that his shitty squad, the Charlotte Bobcats, had lost $20 million the previous season. Morality has a price, and it is about to change that cost is “negative 20 million dollars.”


WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Cherishes Sticking It To The Man( Well, Except For One Husband In Particular)

In 2010, WikiLeaks hurries onto the world’s theatre and ripped back the curtain. At its helm was Julian Assange, a gentleman on a dual mission to a) bring to light autocracy in all its forms, and b) do so while maintaining bizarre supervillain whisker. In the time since, WikiLeaks has exposed the secret nastiness behind the battle in Afghanistan, compiled the true civilian body count of the Iraq War, blown the secrets of Guantanamo Bay wide open, quite possibly diverted such courses of the 2016 U.S. general elections by revealing emails from the Democratic National Committee, and heroically uncovered Russia’s …

… secret awesomeness?

Perhaps that’s because Russia formerly recommended Assange for a Nobel Peace Prize, or since they are held him an outlet for his short-lived political interrogation TV depict, The World Tomorrow , on RT( Russia’s 24 -hour, state-run propaganda extravaganza ). Assange’s Kremlin predilection has only become more apparent over the past few years. When Edward Snowden( of NSA openings honour) eclipsed WikiLeaks’ whistle-blowing chronicle in 2012, Assange was right there to have Snowden escorted to Moscow, where “he would be safest.” When 2015 ‘s Panama Papers would be in danger of expose Russia’s corrupt business dealings, Assange was forced to call “Jinx! ” on Vladimir Putin when they simultaneously was argued that the papers were an attack on Russia masterminded by U.S. makings.

And, of course, there’s the orange elephant in the office: the aforementioned DNC email hack. Assange maintains that the hack had no Russian participation, despite what many psychoanalysts and insiders have said to the contrary. Now, we’re not saying that Assange and WikiLeaks are instantly responsible for the Trump presidency( there are far too many influences leading up to that for us to delve into now) … but if “youve had” half a judgment to topple a government, what better road than to lay a clueless actuality demonstrate wizard as its head? And if doing so intends aligning yourself with the very thing you proclaim to stand against? Well, lesser of two scourges and all that jazz. It’s a principle with which the American beings are all too familiar.


Kevin Costner Is Reputation By The Lakota Sioux For Dances With Wolves , Then Tries To Construct A Casino Resort On Their Sacred Land

Back in 1990, Kevin Costner was Hollywood’s gilded boy. That’s its first year Dances With Wolves — which he aimed and starred in — was hid beneath an avalanche of Academy Awards, including Best Director and Best Picture. Costner lost out on Best Actor for his depicting of John Dunbar, a Union lieutenant who joins a tribe of Lakota Sioux Indians, but he shored an arguably even better honor. For his positive and sensitive depicting of their culture, the Lakota Sioux honorarily adopted Costner into the tribe, and cemented with it a service wherein a tribal ruler tied a hallowed eagle feather into his hair.

Costner responded to this honor by sensitively proceeding with has the intention to build a gaudy mega-casino on the tribe’s sacred moor.

In 1995, Costner and his brother/ business spouse concluded plans to build a massive, five-star casino used — complete with golf course, amphitheater, and steam-powered passenger improve — smack dab in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The same moor where Dances With Wolves was filmed. The same moor the Lakota Sioux had been fighting to regain control of ever since pioneers grasped it away from them in the 1870 s — a knowledge of which Costner was damn well aware, seeing as how he fucking aimed Dances With Wolves .

In the end, the used — referred The Dunbar, because self-awareness is exclusive to lower imposition brackets — never came to enjoyment. Costner couldn’t find investors willing to touch it with a ten-foot pipe of peace, for some peculiar intellect, and in 2013 he ultimately kept the 1,000 -mile tract of former Sioux land up for sale at the bargain asking price of $14 million. And that’s the last period millions of dollars were ever sunk into an ill-fated Kevin Costner ego project.


George Lucas Gave A Speech To Congress Criticizing The Alteration Of Films

Back in the mid-‘8 0s, Ted Turner went slap-happy with the colorization of classic cinemas, because the world necessitated an answer to the question: “What if Casablanca were a coloring bible filled in by an extradimensional being whose noses realize coloring as varying levels of agony? ” When Turner were of the view that Citizen Kane was next on his slate, Hollywood collectively lost its shit.

In 1988, a gaggle of Hollywood masters went before Congress and urged them to pass legislation preventing the improper diddle of classic cinemas, especially those make use of conductors too dead to do anything about it. Of special observe is one director’s impassioned discussion, the gist of which can be found in this single decision: “People who alter or destroy works of art and our cultural heritage for profit or as training exercises of ability are brutes, and if the laws of the United States continue to condone this behavior, autobiography is certainly group us as a vicious society.”

It’d kept a rip in our look, if not for the fact that the speaker in question would later go on to do this 😛 TAGEND

And this 😛 TAGEND

Yep, those oaths flubbed right out from the jowl of none other than George goddamn Lucas, the man essentially synonymous with severe cinema modification. He went on 😛 TAGEND

“Today, engineers with their computers can add coloring to black-and-white movies, change the soundtrack, speed up the speed, and include or subtract material to the philosophical smacks of intellectual property rights holder. Tomorrow, more advanced engineering will be able to change performers with ‘fresher fronts, ‘ or alter talk and change the members of the movement of the actor’s cheeks to match. It will soon be possible to create a new ‘original’ negative with whatever changes or mutations intellectual property rights holder of the moment desires.”

It succeeded. Hollywood’s pleas spawned the National Film Preservation Act, which in turn spawned the National Film Registry — America’s assurance that films such as The Godfather or Move With The Wind or Weekend At Bernie’s will never be lost to period( or an perpetual inheritance of fiddling ). Interestingly, when the Registry computed the original 1977 copy of Star Wars to its listing years later, Lucas refused to provide a imitate. Rather, he offered up a imitate of the Special Edition, presumably plucked straight-shooting from the giant heap of unopened DVDs he remains in the case of his car.

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