Bring your favorite stoner to Ben & Jerry’s for their new Chill-aco ice cream treat

Ben& Jerry’s is totally okay with you celebrating 420 in your own special route because they have created a analyse combining so artistic and decadent that it only really deserves to be paired with a bag of chips and a blunt.

Introducing the Chill-aco, a new taco/ burrito/ ice cream start fit for the stoner in your life.

Image: Ben& jerry’s

The Chill-aco is ice cream inside a taco inside a burrito, and it examines damn yummy. Harmonizing to the Ben& Jerry’s website, the peaches-and-cream confection contains a crunchy waffle cone taco, surrounded by a soft waffle cone wrapper with a warm coating of caramel in between.

The ice cream brand is hardcore targeting fanatics celebrating this special day because the ads they’ve created to announce the luscious analyse are anything but subtle.

There are five spice fluctuations of the Chill-aco you can try 😛 TAGEND

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough& Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Image: Ben& Jerry’s

Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz& Chocolate Therapy

Image: Ben& Jerry’s

Phish Food& Triple Caramel Chunk

Image: Ben& Jerry’s

Sweet Cream& Cookies& Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz

Image: Ben& jerry’s

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough& Tonight Dough

Image: Ben& Jerry’s

These tacos are merely chilling out for a limited time so “re trying”, or if you celebrate a little too hard, try them all! Grab your bong and your spoonful and get at snacking.

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