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Why The Unauthorized Madonna Biopic Is Another Example Of A Woman’s Voice Stolen

When the time comes to pa icons who have experienced their fair share of accomplishment and misfortunes, Madonna has been there, said and done and bought the damn t-shirt.

Her life is perfect for a biopic, since shescertainly got a fib that love wouldflock to theatersfor. But according toa Hollywood Reporter fib, that will likely happen sooner than later.

Blond Ambition, a write writes to Elyse Hollander, has been picked up by Universal Pictures and is set to be produced by Michael De Luca, who also did Fifty Shades of Grey.

The film will be the classic striving masters narrative, as it recounts Madonnas early days in New York Cityas she found her music niche, and then finally fixed it as a notable pa singer in the industry.

TBH, its sounds like its going to be a seriously immense story.

Except Madonna isnt involved in the project and the biopic is unauthorized.

And our favorite Material Girl isnt detecting it one bit.

So theres that.

Like the unauthorized biopics before it, this Madonna film will still go forward.

It will also likely be dragged all over social media.

Consider Lifetimes widely blamed Britney Ever After, Aaliyah: The Princess of R& B and Whitney films.

And then there was the abysmally cast Nina film on the late singer, Nina Simone, starring Zoe Saldana. Despite pushback from love and the artists category, the movie was still released. Instead of has become a box office stumble, the film culminated up provoking deliberations about colorism, colorblindness and black face.

Yeah, ouch.

Hollywoodwould do itself a regard to stop embezzling womens voices.

It doesnt matter that the writes writer is a woman. She isnt Madonna and didnt consult Madonna, therefore her write, however well-written, once lacks authenticity.

This trend of taking a womans fib and telling it when and how Hollywood examines fit is just a different way that females are being stillness in an industry that are currently suffers from severe gender inequality issues.

Women in Hollywood once often get paid less than their male peers. There is already a significantly low-toned number of female writers and administrators compared to the number of men. The film industry also has an ageist difficulty, considering its horrible dres of paying actresses little as they get older.

These illegal profiles of women, especially those whoare alive, send the content that females are not only incapable of telling their own floors, but are too unworthy of it.

To take that ability away from most women, including the barrier-breaking, feminist AF Madonna, is a slap in the face to brides everywhere.

IBM wants future delivery drones to pass off your packages in mid-air

Just suppose, and entire communicate structure of package-carrying monotones .

Image: Claude Paris/ AP/ REX/ Shutterstock

If Amazon has its route, the skies could soon be bustling with monotones, carrying our online acquisitions immediately to our doors.

But today’s monotones can only pass until now so what happens when you live out of range of a delivery hub?

On Wednesday, IBM Research announced a patent that might eventually allow transmission monotones to pass off boxes to one another mid-flight to create a communicate system, extending a supplying chain’s reach even farther.

The design calls for the communicate drones to be furnished with postponement limbs, which would connect and lock in mid-flight to keep the pack move stable. The monotones would also have a advanced communications link built-in, which would likely be connected to IBM’s Watson’s supply chain and logistical system to keep circumstances piloting smoothly.

The monotones would attach for the mid-air transfer.


The customer could even become more active in the supplying chain with this type of tech in place. IBM Research envisions a scenario in which a purchaser is likely to be send out their own personal drone to receive boxes in mid-flight in order to get the warhead in their hands( or at least on their drone) ASAP.

If one part of the system miscarries for example, if a drone is knocked out of the sky and doesn’t make it to the communicate detail an IBM spokesperson told us via email the missing drone could easily be tracked utilizing its on-board GPS system, and others could be easily and even automatically discharged in its place.

The exchange stages, relayed by moon, could realize drone transmission even more efficient.

Image: IBM/ USPS

E-commerce fulfillment isn’t the only potential use for a drone relay-based supplying series. Our founder team is focused on improving how the most valuable baggage is delivered globally, ” Sarbajit Rakshit, the co-inventor of the patent wrote in a statement emailed to Mashable . “This could create opportunities such as administering monotones to deliver postal boxes and remedy in developing countries via the most direct route.

While the move system exists only in patent formation and hasn’t even been experimented yet, the IBM spokesperson told us the company is “confident” the system could be built and experimented within the limits of current drone technology.

IBM’s relay monotones aren’t as aggressive as the big drone-spewing mothership motif that was uncovered in Amazon’s USPTO filings earlier this year. Both supplying series solutions given the opportunity to give transmission ranges and make airdrops more accessible but exclusively one does it without aircrafts that look like Imperial Star Destroyers.

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This is what an extreme sea level rise scenario looks like for U.S. cities

New Orleans under an "extreme" sea level rise scenario.

Until recently, it seemed that we would be able to manage global warming-induced sea level rise through the end of the century. It would be problematic, of course, but manageable, particularly in industrialized nations like the U.S.

However, troubling indications from the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets show that melting is taking place faster than previously thought and that entire glaciers if not portions of the ice sheets themselves are destabilizing. This has scientists increasingly worried that the consensus sea level rise estimates are too conservative.

With sea level rise, as with other climate impacts, the uncertainties tend to skew toward the more severe end of the scale. So, it’s time to consider some worst-case scenarios.

Recently, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) published an extreme high-end sea level rise scenario, showing 10 to 12 feet of sea level rise by 2100 around the U.S., compared to the previously published global average which is closer to 8 feet in that time period.

The research and journalism group Climate Central took this projection and plotted out the stark ramifications in painstaking, and terrifying, detail.

The bottom line finding?

“By the end of the century, oceans could submerge land [that’s] home to more than 12 million Americans and $2 trillion in property,” according to Ben Strauss, who leads the sea level rise program at Climate Central.

Here’s what major cities would look like with so much sea level rise:

New York City


New Orleans: Gone.


San Francisco International Airport


Bienvenido a Miami.


In an online report, Climate Central states that the impacts of such a high amount of sea level rise “would be devastating.”

For example, Cape Canaveral, which is a crown jewel for NASA and now the private sector space industry, would be swallowed up by the Atlantic. Major universities, including MIT, would be underwater, as would President Trump’s “southern White House” of Mar-a-Lago. In the West, San Francisco would be hard-hit, with San Francisco International Airport completely submerged.

“More than 99 percent of todays population in 252 coastal towns and cities would have their homes submerged, and property of more than half the population in 479 additional communities would also be underwater,” the analysis, which has not been peer-reviewed, found.

Image: climate central

In New York City, the average high tide would be a staggering 2 feet higher than the flood level experienced during Hurricane Sandy. More than 800,000 people would be flooded out of New York City alone.

Although the findings pertain to sea level rise through the end of the century, in reality sea levels would keep rising long after that, with a total increase of about 30 feet by 2200 for all coastal states, Climate Central found.

As for how likely this extreme scenario really is, here’s what the report says:

“The extreme scenario is considered unlikely, but it is plausible. NOAAs report and Antarctic research suggest that deep and rapid cuts to heat-trapping pollution would greatly reduce its chances.”

More specifically, the NOAA projection says this high-end outlook has just a 0.1 percent chance of occurring under a scenario in which we keep emitting greenhouse gases at about the current rate.

While a 1-in-1,000 chance outcome might seem nearly impossible to occur, recent events suggest otherwise.

For example, Hurricane Sandy slammed into the Mid-Atlantic in 2012 while following a track that was virtually unprecedented in storm history. In addition, California is estimated to have had just a 1 percent chance of climbing out of its deep drought in a one to two-year period, and it did just that this winter.

Also, Donald Trump is president, people.

Robert Kopp, a sea level rise researcher at Rutgers University, whose projections formed the basis of the NOAA scenarios, said it’s difficult to put exact odds on the extreme scenario.

“I would say that our knowledge about marine ice-sheet instability is too deeply uncertain for us to answer that question right now,” Kopp said in an email. “We can come up with a physically plausible pathway that gets us to 2.5 meters [or 8.2 feet], we know it is more likely under higher emissions, but we don’t have a good way of putting a probability on it.”

A paper published in the journal Nature in March found that if emissions of global warming pollutants peak in the next few years and are then reduced quickly thereafter, then there is a good chance that the melting of the Antarctic Ice Sheet would be drastically curtailed.

However, with the U.S., which is the second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases, backing away from making significant cuts under the Paris Climate Agreement, adhering to such an ambitious timetable is looking less realistic.

Image: climate central

In order for NOAA’s extreme scenario, and therefore Climate Central’s maps, to turn into reality, there would need to be decades more of sustained high emissions of greenhouse gases plus more melting from Antarctica than is currently anticipated.

However, recent studies have raised questions about Antarctica’s stability, as mild ocean waters eat away at floating ice shelves from below, freeing up glaciers well inland to flow faster into the sea.

“What’s new is that we used to think 6- to 7 feet was the max *plausible* or *possible* sea level rise this century, and now we’ve roughly doubled that,” Strauss said in an email. “The new Antarctic science says it’s plausible.”

“If you were to survey ice sheet experts today, instead of something like 5 to 10 years ago, I suspect you’d get a significantly higher probability than 0.1 percent,” he said.

A study published in the journal Nature Climate Change last week found that sea level rise could prompt a wave of internal migration within the U.S., especially as people move from the hardest-hit states such as Florida, Louisiana and New York.

It’s long been known that Florida is ground zero for sea level rise impacts, but the Climate Central projections are even more pessimistic. The report shows that a whopping 5.6 million Floridians would be at risk before the end of the century under an extreme sea level rise scenario, about double the amount simulated in the study last week.

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Amazon wants to rate your outfit, and that should worry you

“I see you.”
Image: Ambar Del Moral/ mashable

You’re in your bedroom, about to do something private.

First, make sure you slam the door, close the blinds, oh, and recollect to turn off your recently acquired Amazon Echo Look.

A video camera peering into a bedroom is often associated with the opening of a cruelty movie , not the latest breezy edict from your friendly $300 billion mega corporation. That all changed Wednesday when the Seattle-based online retail heavyweight launched the Echo Look.

What is the Look? Superficially, it’s a $200 cloud-connected camera that confines in with Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa. However, the Look’s distinct aspects felt that the tool could be even more problematic than your standard poorly stuck wireless webcam.

That’s because the Look is designed to be much more than a selfie-taking Echo.

“See yourself from every angle with the attendant app, ” clarifies Amazon’s ad copy. “Get a second sentiment on which outfit inspects better with Style Check, a new services that are blends machine learning algorithms with recommendations from style specialists.”

That’s right, Amazon wants to judge your kit( and sell you a new one in the process ).

Importantly, this analysis isn’t simply a public service meant to assist the chronically mismatched. Instead, the Look is planning to “[ assistance] you discover new brands and styles inspired by your lookbook.” In this case, the lookbook is a digital collecting of “what you wore and when.”

With Style Check, Amazon is virtually angling to supplant your bedroom mirror while selling you a new fleece.

Importantly, when you take a photo with the Look, you’re potentially affording the tech heavyweight a lot more data than simply the type of chinos you sport. The draws can uncover socioeconomic status, whether you’re wedded, theological affiliation( hello cross above your bottom ), and potentially a lot more.

All this is fair game as far as Amazon is related, which isn’t accurately reassuring.

“Amazon may display interest-based advertising use intelligence purchasers make available to us when they interact with our locates, content, or services, ” a spokesperson said.

What might this make if you have a Look? At this detail it’s simply hypothesi, but Zeynep Tufekci, an associate professor at the School of Information and Library science at the University of North Carolina, has some ideas.

When asked if Amazon “wouldve been” sell intelligence( data taken away from photos of your bedroom, for example) collected from the Look, a spokesperson pointed to an Alexa and Echo FAQ that doesn’t directly answer the question.

Fortunately, Amazon did confirm that it is not use this newly acquired trove of data your favorite $2,000 shoes proposing you have quantities of disposable income, for example to indicate one set of expenditures to you and another set to other consumers.

So that’s a succour, albeit a small one that leaves countless unanswered questions.

Amazon, after all, is a company whose sole purpose is to extract coin from you. As such, it’s difficult to imagine that customers will truly trust Style Check to give unbiased style and shopping advice.

Whether anyone will rely Amazon with a camera in their bedroom is another question altogether.

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US launches probe into aluminium imports, citing security concerns

Trumps commerce chief Wilbur Ross invokes cold war law aimed at protecting high-grade smelting for defence industry

The Trump administration has launched an investigation into whether a flood of aluminium imports from China and elsewhere is compromising US national security, a step that could lead to broad import restrictions on the metal.

The commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, said the investigation was similar to one announced last week for steel imports into the US, as he invoked section 232 of a national security law passed in 1962 at the height of the Cold War.

Ross said the review was prompted by the extreme competitive pressures that unfairly traded imports were placing on the US aluminium industry, causing several domestic smelters to close or halt production in recent years.

The move is the latest of several potential US actions aimed at stemming a rising tide of aluminium imports. The commerce department is investigating allegations that Chinese companies are dumping aluminium foil into the US market below cost and benefiting from unfair subsidies.

One of Donald Trumps main campaign promises was to introduce trade barriers in order to protect traditional industries such as steelmaking against cheap imports, especially from China.

Ross said part of the justification for the investigation was that US combat aircraft such as the Lockheed Martin F-35 joint strike fighter and the Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet require high-purity aluminium that is now produced only by the Century Aluminum smelter in Hawkesville, Kentucky.

He said that company could probably meet peacetime needs, but not if the US needed to ramp up defence production for a conflict. The same high-purity aluminium goes into armor plating for military vehicles and naval vessels, he said.

At the very same time that our military is needing more and more of the very high-quality aluminium, were producing less and less of everything, and only have the one producer of aerospace- quality aluminium, Ross told a White House briefing.

The investigation will determine if there is sufficient domestic aluminium capacity to meet US defense needs and will also assess the effects of lost jobs, skills and investments on national security, Ross said.

Although he said China was a major contributor to the global excess capacity in aluminium production, he said imports from other countries, including Russia, were also causing problems.

This is not a China-phobic program, this has to do with a global problem, Ross said.

Last November, a dozen US senators urged a national security review of Chinese aluminium Zhongwang Internationals proposed $2.3bn purchase of Cleveland-based aluminium products maker Aleris.

The transaction is still pending, and a spokesman for Aleris could not be immediately reached for comment on the commerce department probe.

International tourists spend four times as much as domestic travelers

While tourists can rarely be an annoying to some U.S. inhabitants during the course of its hectic summertime months in metropolises like New York City and Los Angeles, non-respendable revenues they bring in on a local and national level is enormous.

Some practically 13 million international tourists spend on average four times the amount that U.S. tourists do during expeditions to New York City, pronounced NYC& Company, the city’s official tourism timber, in a statement to Travel+ Leisure.

On any made day, New York City greets 175,000 -1 80,000 tourists, according to Chris Heywood, SVP of world communications for NYC& Company.

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Cancer survivor tells date about her prosthetic leg and I’m not crying you’re crying

A cancer survivor shared her moving storey of how she came to embrace her prosthetic leg on world dating see First Dates .

Sarah, 21, was on a year with Phil, who lost his mum to breast cancer when he was 17, when she talked about her ordeal of dating after having her leg severed. “When I first ran dating, I had my leg flooded up so that the chaps I went on dates with couldn’t should be noted that I had my leg severed, ” Sarah said.

“Now, I’ve decided to get my leg out and uncover it, so they can see and it’s there and it’s out in the open, ” she continued. Sarah and Phil’s date ran truly, truly well, and they both confessed in one another about coming to calls with their respective experiences.

Viewers took to Twitter to share how moved the latter are by the couple. “Properly weeping at Sarah and Phil, ” wrote one person.

“You’re a beautiful daughter. And I’ve got total appreciation for you, ” Phil said. Sarah says her date with Phil stirred her realise “theres” “different chaps out there” who’ve been through different things, and have more to give.

Spoiler alert: at the end of the year, First Dates revealedthat Sarah and Phil are “officially an item.”

Brb, sobbing!

Air Force launches bug bounty program

The Air Force announced today that it will launch a bug reward next month for various of its public-facing websites, allowing intruders to seek out vulnerabilities in the areas and exchange them for cash rewards.

Over the past year, the federal government has gradually started to open up to the idea of glitches reward planneds. Hack the Pentagon, which launched last April, was the governments first foray into fault rewards, and the program has since been expanded to include Army websites, as well.

The Air Force fault reward is likely to be the first federal government curriculum that invites intruders from outside the United States to participate the challenge will be open to intruders based in the U.K ., Canada, Australia and New Zealand, as well as those based in the U.S. Like other federal fault rewards before it, the Air Force program will be administered by HackerOne and will allow military members to participate too( although theyre not allowed to earn remunerations ).

This is the first time the AF has opened up our networks to such vast inquiry, Air force manager datum security officer Peter Kim said in a statement. We have malicious intruders trying to get in to our systems every day. It will be nice to have friendly intruders taking a shot and, most importantly, showing us how to improve our cybersecurity and defense posture. The additional participants of our spouse commonwealths seriously enlarges the variety of suffer available to find additional vulnerabilities.

Bug rewards have their roots in private manufacture, but ought to have gaining patronage in the government through the the efforts of the Defense Digital Service, anagency that wreaks skilled tech laborers into the Defense Department for tours of duty.

The whole idea of security through insignificance is entirely backwards, read Chris Lynch of the Defense Digital Service. We need to understand where our fragilities are in order to fix them, and there is no better course than to open it up to the world-wide intruder community.

Hackers who want to participate in the Air force fault reward can register with HackerOnestarting May 15. The competition knocks off May 30 and opens June 23.

Everfi raises $190 million to teach life skills and touchy subjects online

Everfi Inc . has raised $190 million in Series D funded to teach students online the life skills and touchy subject matter that they never learned in school. A sampling of courses offered by Everfi range from Harassment Prevention Training for the workforce, to Alcohol EDU for college students and Vault Understanding Money for fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders.

TPG Growth and The Rise Fund headed the Series D speculation, lending $150 million mixed, together with Main Street Advisors, Advance Publications and earlier allies of Everfi including Jeff Bezos, Eric Schmidt, Ev Williams and Allen& Company, according to a company statement.

Everfi CEO and co-founder Tom Davidson said his startup operated by a for-profit, for-good jeopardize. We look at these major, intractable social problems and aim to eradicate them by training citizens from second graders to majors, he read, but we also want to be the dominant ascertaining programme for major institutions.

Students exerting Everfi.

The companys clients and countless do not want to be listed, Davidson said include: Airbnb, Google, Harvard, MIT, Oracle and several professional athletics squads as well as 20,000 K-1 2 class. More than 16 million individual students have earned credentials for period of Everfi courses, he noted.

Everfi sells its software-as-a-service and digital curriculum to schools and other organizations rather than yielding it away. The startup also grants sponsors to pick up the tab for a communitys operation of the platform.

Everfi COO Tammy Wincup explained that the reason for this marketings approach is responsible for Everfis technology isnt only available to class or establishments with resources available. Similarly, the company designs its apps and courses to be utilizable on crappy age-old PCs, or conversely, the newest tablets and smartphones, she said.

Based in Washington D.C ., Everfi has been profitable for years. It raised the capital to develop additional courses, and to hire parties in communities where it believes its online education can make a difference. A high-pitched preponderance of its employees are former schoolteachers. Fifty-seven percent of the companys employees are women.

After acquiring two smaller competitors, Everfi already reaches millions of college campuses including countless with high-pitched historic charges of alcoholism, craving and student sexual abuse. The company will continue outreach to campuses, but is also focused on contacting impoverished groups in the US across big metropolitans with a high percentage of low-income inhabitants, and rural areas throughout the South; as well as Native Americans living on Federal Indian Reservations.

Everfi CEO Tom Davidson visiting students.

We want to reach several contemporaries and crack the repetition of monetary ignorance and poverty issues, Davidson read. The new investment in Everfi reverberates hefty, especially in education, an industry where startups are more likely to be acquired than to go public. But Davidson read, It feels like a drop in the ocean when you are going after such large-hearted problems. Too countless education business are departing after giant problems with small-time at-bats. That doesnt work.

A Partner at TPG who precedes the firms engineering financings, Nehal Raj, said the Everfis social mission is not the only pleading occasion about it. We are very focused on vertical application managers, he showed. Everfi has high-pitched relative market share, and is in a specialized or niche market. We also assure a strong benefactor in Tom, who we expect to see this company the whole way through to an depart, whether thats through an IPO or a sale. Earlier, TPG invested in which was acquired by LinkedIn for $1.5 billion.

The Everfi deal also stigmatized the first investment of the Rise Fund, a$ 2 billion blow money within the TPG portfolio co-founded by TPG Partner BillMcGlashan and U2 lead singer and activist, Bono. The Rise money only produces reverts whencompanies it invested inperform well, financially. But it also requires its portfolio companies to measure and extradite positive social or environmental a difference in the world.